SMRT Corporation Ltd.

A Review of 2013 and the Progress We Have Made - Organisational Excellence

Press Release   •   Dec 20, 2013 17:36 +08

To entrench Organisational Excellence, we will continue to manage risks and costs, and ensure the highest level of governance, safety and security. We have embarked on a concerted drive to derive maximum productivity and efficiency gains.

This year, we reviewed key governance frameworks and undertook strategic reorganisation. We have taken on several strategic initiatives in the following four areas – Strategic Planning, Structures and Processes, Productivity and Efficiency, and Governance and Risk Management.

As part of Strategic Planning, the development and implementation of a corporate strategy map has been put in place to clear define strategic objectives and align workplans, staff roles and responsibilities more closely. SMRT is also striving to improve and achieve international global standards to encourage stakeholder confidence.

Thorough reviews on Structures and Processes have been on-going to ensure that we can better optimise resources, boost capability and drive quality excellence. The re-structuring of the trains group conducted in July this year aim to foster greater integration, teamwork, and collaboration within the Business Units to achieve the desired outcomes of enhanced Safety, Reliability, Passenger Capacity and Commuter Experience.

A service excellence framework has been incorporated to enhance Productivity and Efficiency, and to ensure a high level of service and consistent customer experience which will contribute to the SMRT service culture. We have also conducted a major review of the Rail Incident Management Plan to strengthen organisational resilience and ensure business continuity.

We are also augmenting our efforts to build engineering excellence through the appointment of a Technical Advisory Panel comprising international and local experts who can advise us on the best practices and latest systems and technologies in transport engineering.

SMRT President and CEO Mr Desmond Kuek said: “SMRT strives for organisational excellence to achieve maximum productivity and value generation, adaptability to a changing environment, and good governance. We are continually reviewing our existing organizational design and processes with the view to staying lean, resilient and nimble. It will enable us to readily and effectively address emerging business needs, as well as growth opportunities. In the year to come, we will place our focus on driving productivity and efficiency to instill an organisational excellence culture across the company.”

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