SMRT Corporation Ltd.

A Review of 2013 and the Progress We Have Made - Workforce Health

Press Release   •   Dec 18, 2013 17:33 +08

A high-performing and engaged workforce is vital to achieving the company’s objectives. As a public transport operator, our people are an integral part of the company. A productive and well trained workforce will help us drive our commitment to provide excellent transportation service to all our commuters.

We continue to work towards strengthening our Workforce Health, aligning each one of our staff with a clear vision and strong shared values, nurturing them to be their best. Reviews on our staff policies are being carried out on a regular basis to ensure that the welfare and work-harmony arrangements of our employees are well looked after.

SMRT rolled out new wage frameworks this year, aimed at building a productivity and performance based culture where individual work performance is directly aligned with remuneration. The SMRT Wage Revision 2013 represents part of SMRT’s on-going plans to enhance the career schemes and progression of employees. It is also a significant step towards achieving one of the company’s goals of developing a world-class workforce and promoting organisational health.

SMRT also introduced a new progressive career scheme for all Bus Captains in November 2013. The new SMRT Bus Captain Scheme aims to arm SMRT’s Bus Captains with the training and skills to provide better service to commuters, increase productivity levels, and deliver an enhanced travel experience. It takes a progressive approach to training our bus captains beyond basic driving skills to include service and supervisory skills.

Efforts put in to create a positive working environment have shown results. A recent survey conducted on all SMRT employees revealed that nine out of 10 employees are proud to work at SMRT. The survey also found that 82% of our staff provided feedback that they were sustainably engaged. We will continue to place our focus on the implementation of new initiatives, career development and training, engagement and communications as well as managing an organisation-wide change process.

SMRT President and CEO Mr Desmond Kuek said: “Our goal in strengthening Workforce Health is to build up a workforce that is competent, collaborative and continually learning. Having staff who are valued, committed and engaged will ensure that SMRT continues to deliver an excellent travel experience to commuters, and position SMRT as an employer of choice.”

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