Accor celebrates Millennials with Professions Challenge for Young Employees

Press Release   •   Sep 12, 2014 12:17 +08

Recognition of young talent is a priority of Accor’s human resources policy, demonstrated through The Professions Challenge event. The award focuses on highlighting young talents, who areessential to the Group’s current and future development.

The Professions Challenge is an annual event, organized by Accor’s corporate office in Paris thatpays tribute to young talents (between 19 and 25 years old) from all over the world and gives themthe opportunity to showcase their professional skills. As a symbol of their passion for the hotelindustry, the Challenge focuses on four occupations that are at the heart of the hospitality business:waiters, receptionists, cooks and bartenders.

Ms Natthaya Muenchaiwong, Guest Relations Supervisor from Sofitel Bangkok, was a finalist at theAccor Professions Challenge and has just been awarded the Accor Hotels Young Employee of theMonth award. Her career with the hotel started in 2012 when she was the Guest Relations Officer atthe hotel for its opening. Ms Natthaya Muenchaiwong was selected to take part in the annualProfessions Challenge with the encouragement and support of the hotel’s General Manager. Shehad the opportunity to visit Accor Head Office and various Accor hotels in Paris where she had aneye-opening experience in understanding the importance of service delivery standards. As a GuestRelations Supervisor, her role is to ensure smooth check-ins for guests staying at the hotel, attendto guest queries and provide them with a memorable experience during their visit.

“I was proud to be selected to take part in the annual Professions Challenge where I was a finalist atthe event. I have learnt a lot during my last 2 years with the hotel in understanding the front line andground level guest service,” said Ms Natthaya Muenchaiwong. “What I love about working for Accoris the international hospitality exposure gained from working with a global brand, and I have enjoyedgetting the opportunity to meet many people from around the world and hear their travel stories andexperiences.”

“I look forward to cross-training opportunities within the group and I believe that this would add to myc areer progression in the hospitality industry.”

Mr Patrick Ollivier, Chief Human Resources Officer of Accor Asia Pacific added, “The Accor Professional Challenge reflects the key focuses of Accor’s human resources policy in recognising the professionalism of our young employees, which is vital in the hospitality industry given the competitive market. It is based on the fundamental principle of welcoming others for theirprofessional abilities alone. The annual event strives to motivate and reward the commitment employees who provide outstanding service to our guests.

”With over 3,600 hotels and 170,000 employees in 92 countries worldwide, Accor is one of the leading employers in the hospitality industry. The Group’s recruitment site, -which is available in 12 languages – has reached up 5.1 million visits and over 350,000 jobapplications. Every year, it advertises close to 20,000 job and traineeship offers. For careeropportunities, visit

Nearly 45 years, Accor has constantly reinvented its businesses to keep pace with the world around it, with the goal of providing innovative, high-quality products.

Thanks to our powerful, highly respected brands, our employees forge lasting interpersonal relationships and deploy their unique skills to develop and deliver solutions that create wellness.

For nearly 45 years, across all brands and regions, Accor’s five core values of innovationa spirit of conquestperformancetrust and respect have been shared and expressed every day by its160,000 employees in Accor brand hotels worldwide. Managers leverage these values to provide support for team members as part of the Group’s ongoing transformation and development.