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Artistic pursuits - Part 1 - Goodrich wallcovering, Flooring, Carpet & Fabric

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2012 14:50 +08

MORE THAN JUST ACCESSORIES FOR the home, one can consider Goodrich Global's range of home furnishings to be the defining factor that elevates a well-designed living space to one that is exclusive and highly personal as well.

The latest from the multi-brand purveyor of designer living include wallcoverings form America, carpets and rugs from Belgium, Portugese fabrics, and Goodrich Global's own range of high quality laminate flooring: GEFF (Goodrich Enviromental Friendly Flooring).

The latest Rock Star collection have small luminous glass beads applied in a circular pattern to glazed  non-woven cotton paper for a compelling shimmer effect. The delicate glossy finish accentuates elegant interiors with a soft and subtle glow. The wallcovering is made of lightweight fibers, making it a cinch to quickly install and transform the overall aesthetic of the living space to the homeowner's fancy. Available in seven wild colourations, the wallpaper suit a range of attitudes. while some people may underestimate the practicality of wall coverings, in reality, there are few other (if any) decorationg products that offers as much colour and design coverage in a single application. Most are easy to take of, requiring gentle wiping with a damp cloth.


Source Featured by Homes Magazine Oct/ Nov 2011

Photo from Goodrich Wallcovering, Fabric, Flooring & Carpet.

Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior.  It offers an extensive collection of interior wallcoverings, carpets, fabrics and floorings to create a completely personalized furnished ambience. Goodrich believes in ensuring that every dream design comes to life.  Above all else, Goodrich is driven by the vision that every living space is an expression of a unique cover story.

Goodrich boasts a strong presence in over 30 regional offices and galleries located in 8 countries including Singapore (Headquarters), China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Goodrich is well placed to meet all your interior furnishing needs, globally.

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