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6th May 2014

A frequently asked question came in the mail this week. Find out how to care for carpets here. Remember to share this tip with a friend.


“I purchased the Sanderson – Midsummer Rose carpet rug from Goodrich Global. How can I clean it?”

Goodrich Replied:

Whether you choose a carpet rug for its quality, durability or beauty, you can maintain its hard-wearing, long lasting good looks by remembering to

>>Vacuum Weekly

>>Remove spills immediately- BLOT, do not rub. Use a white paper towel or an absorbent material and cover the spot with the towel. Continue to blot until all moisture is soaked into the towel.

>>Adopt a “shoe-free” policy

A good rule of thumb is to send your carpet rugs for professional cleaning once every year. Remember a well-cared carpet rug can help you absorb dirt, dust particles from the air, smoke and noise as well as maintaining a hygienic interior.

*These are general cleaning tips. Instructions may vary for carpet rugs from different brands, method of making and type of fibre.

Download the Goodrich Carpet Aftercare Manual here:

View the Midsummer Rose carpet rug by Sanderson, Goodrich:

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