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Summer is the season of sunshine, fun and freshness and dressing up your home for summer can be a fun and joyous occasion. The exuberant vibes reverberating throughout summer are irresistible even if you live in a tropical country and experience summer all year round! On that note, the pages that follow will show you just how delicious summer decorating can be for your home.

Tip 1: Perk up your home with flowers and plants. Not only can plants provide exuberant bursts of colour and liveliness to a room, they can enhance your décor as well. A season for risqué and bold colours, summertime is the perfect muse for brightening up your home with flowers. And although bigger and centerpiece arrangements go well with these colours, be wary of overdoing things and overpowering the room.

Tip 2: When it comes to summer decorating, think breezy, airy and simple. Start by cleaning up rooms for a sense of openness. This can achieved with some rearranging or by removing larger and bulkier items from focal view. Think light and casual, not overstuffed and heavily upholstered furniture transported from the Victorian era! To further enhance the feeling of openness, you can also remove area rugs to reveal bare flooring.

Tip 3: Remember to choose colours that complement your decorating scheme. If you’ve chosen light colours for your existing décor, summer decorating will be like a walk in the park. If darker colours as accents or as background colours in the room.

Tip 4: To really make a room pop, opt for bold colours juxtaposed against demuire colours for contrasting effects.

Tip 5: Incorporating summer colours and patterns for your furniture can brighten up rooms instantaneously. Sometimes, a simple reupholstering is all you need to revamp rooms, as opposed to a full blown overhaul. Not only does reupholstering cost a fraction of the price for replacing furniture, it’s so simple and easy as well!

Tip 6: If you’d like to achieve the breezy effect without the removal of furniture items, opt for pale and light colours for your carpeting and walls. Light hues such as pale green, pink, yellow or blue can be exacerbate a relaxing ambience.

Tip 7: An all white ensemble can instantly brighten up rooms for a clean, summer feel.

Tip 8: Heavy graperies can give the illusion of a stuffy room, and that’s not what summer is all about. Hence, replace them with mini blinds, light fabrics or sheer curtains to allow some sunshine into the house and illuminate your décor beautifully. For instance, Hunter Douglas’s shading and sheers range allows sunlight into rooms without the corresponding heat.

Tip 9: Even simple accessories like shower curtains, hand towels, vases, throw pillows, side tables and picture frames in whimsical colours can turn your home into a summer-friendly one. Just like how a side table like a Bontempi’s Rondo can.

Tip 10: One of the advantages of repainting walls or replacing wallpapers is the ability to transform a room instantaneously with minimal cost. With the power of paintbrushes, paint and wallpapers, your rooms will be perked up in no time!

Tip 11: Pick one of these delightful summer themes- insects, fruits, flowers or the beach- and decorate the room around it. Focusing on a theme makes decorating, much easier.

Tip 12: Garden ornaments, floral tableware and brightly coloured décor items can be added to bring instant bursts of summer fun into rooms.

Tip 13: To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your adobe, try framing pictures of beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna inspired artwork along with bright art décor and put them on display. Leave your guests in awe over beautiful pieces by displaying them proudly on bookshelves, mantelpieces, cupboards or hang them along hallways.

Tip 14: Replacing dark coloured furniture with light coloured varieties can transform lackluster rooms into sizzling ones that are ready for summer.

Featured in Homepride Aug/Sep 2008.

Photos by No Limits-Nature ( 2012 ).

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