Axe "DARE" Mobile App. See Where It Takes You.

Press Release   •   Nov 05, 2012 15:56 +08

Axe has launched a brand new campaign and mobile application in APAC to help guys lead more interesting lives.

The mobile phone app ‘DARE’ delivers challenges for guys to unlock their spirit of adventure through fun, interesting and flirtatious challenges. 

Says Carl Norberg, MD at Monterosa. “The Axe Dare App, will turn you into an explorer of life and pit you against your friends in a series of dares you might have thought of doing but never did. We want guys to push themselves outside their normal comfort zone - on a daily basis - to get more out of life” 

To launch the campaign, Monterosa and BBH Asia Pacific created a multitude of film assets and an interactive mobile phone app ‘DARE’ – both tools to inspire guys to create their own adventure and see where Axe will take them.

The campaign TVC ‘See where it takes you’ features a young guy who travels the world, taking the road less travelled. With a little help from Axe, he is adored by a slew of girls that he meets along the way.

There is a lot of additional content around the campaign which all lives on YouTube. Check it out, “Undressing” is all it promises to be. You can take on a female body builder or enter a blinking competition.

See the film here:

Peter Callaghan, the Creative Director at BBH: “Blah blah blah, marketing stuff. But really, it’s the classic romantic tale of young love. Boy meets girl. And girl. And girl. And girl. And girl. And twins, and another girl and so on. Timeless, heartwarming”

The campaign has already shown impressive results, with significant viewership of the films assets online and over 50,000 downloads of the mobile app in Thailand since it launched.

The mobile app is so far available in Thailand and Australia with more markets in the region soon to join. 

Mobile app download info:


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App Store:

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