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Goodrich Global is pleased to present to you the BEST of LUXE.

This is an ensemble of luxurious interior furnishings that will include 3 stunning collections of wallcovering, fabrics, flooring and carpets in stunning hues of Diamonds are Forever- Blanc et Noir, Champagne Gold and Dazzling Red. 

BEST of LUXE (3) of (3):  Dazzling Red Collection

Dazzling Red Collection| We are presenting hues of dazzling red interior furnishings that include Wallcovering, Carpet, Fabric and Flooring.

1.     Fabric from Toucan Collection, Kobe, Goodrich

The Toucan Collection is one of the premium representations from the International interior design and lifestyle brand. The Collection offer a mix of innovative and traditional styles tailored to meet the requirements and performance demands of customers.

Toucan Collection is suitable for Residential and Commercial upholstery usage with its anti colourfast property. The fabric is made up of acrylic, polyester and viscose.

IMAGE Featured: Upholstery; Toucan 5003, Colour No. 1 and Drapery; Prega Collection

2.     Wallcovering from Chance Collection, Elitis, Goodrich

 Modern yet Timeless!

The Chance Collection by Elitis is elegant, modern yet timeless.  The magnificent effect of woodwork, plinths and medallions, the reproduction plans of city centers and even the checkers game in relief creates a truly unique design. 


This wallcovering is made on jersey fabric and laminated on foam and thermoformed which enhances the contrast of matt and gloss. The thickness offers good acoustic quality, as well as a quitted touch. Extra washable and semi light resistance properties make maintaining your prized wallcovering a breeze.


This exquisite Collection comes in 4 designs with a total of 13 references:


IMAGE Featured: Smooth in RM 766 35

3. & 8. Carpet from Estella Collection, Brink & Campman, Goodrich

Brink & Campman, based in the Netherlands, offers a fantastic collection of modern and contemporary designer rugs. Known for their high quality, they offer the perfect focal point to any living spaces.

Estella rugs are designed by Brink & Campman and made to the highest standards by expert weavers in India with a 100% Pure New Wool. Wool is known as the most suitable material for weaving due to favourable characteristics. Wool is stain resistant, isolating and offers a unique strand structure.

Estella rugs are highly inspirational with stunning striking abstract designs and vibrant colours. They are designed to provide luxurious comfort and to meet the demands of the modern home.

The Estella collection is offered in seventeen designs,

BAMBOO|Carnaval|Cosmic|Cottage |Curve |Domino |Blanket |Carre Pages | Sticks|Summer| Hail | Horizon| Orbit |Paint| Quilt| Ripple

The exceptional quality of both construction and design reveal themselves in extraordinary area rugs are guaranteed to excite the senses.

IMAGE Featured: Horizon and Sticks

4.     Wallcovering from Caravaggio Collection, BN, Goodrich

Your eyes are not deceiving you….

Wallcovering that resemble elegant drapes!

Combining old style glamour with a contemporary twist, Caravaggio is all about elegance and luxury. Seductive hand painted silks, dramatic drapery, and soft glimmering tiles are highlights of the collection.

The Caravaggio collection showcases generous draperies, luscious flowers, woven tapestries and plain brocades in various gold and silver nuances, like silk against the wall.

The Caravaggio collection by BN Wallcoverings takes you to a baroque era, in which exuberant designs, paintings and beautiful fabrics created a rich ambiance.

This collection is available in 6 glorious designs in a total of 38 luxurious references, suitable for Residential decorating.


Add Glamour your wall with the exciting Caravaggio!

IMAGE Featured: Pattern Number 46833

5. & 6. Flooring from Engineered Timber Collection, Tarkett, Goodrich

 The Engineered Timber Collection celebrates the charm and warmth of style and heritage with a range that mixes traditional with contemporary.

Using only wood from sustainable and renewable sources, the best modern techniques are added to the beauty of nature.

They are easy to install and designed for stability, strength and long-lasting resistance to stains and scratches.

And after years of use, these environmentally friendly floors can be removed and reused or recycled.

Timber Collection is available in: -

All about Epoque

Epoque is a high-quality wood flooring.  Its pure lines and elegant material will add style and comfort to your home.

Matt or gloss, mini or maxi bevels, all those options will enable you to enhance the beauty of your home and furnishing. Quick to install and easy to remove, Epoque stands the test of time.  Its long-lasting and resistant Proteco lacquer is double hardened and one of the strongest on the market, resisting to micro-scratches as well as wear and tear. Available in 3 different widths, and in a wide range of colours and modern designs.  


Whether your style is traditional, classic or contemporary, a Salsa floor is never out of place.

From light shades to deep colours, European species to the dark tones of the tropics, Salsa offers an extraordinary variety of design possibilities and a choice of gloss, matt or oiled finish.

Hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratchView more resistant, over the years the appearance will develop a unique personality that reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, you can just resend your floor, up to 4-5 times! The Ultraloc and 2-Lock

locking systems also make it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools


The Tango collection radiates classic elegance and charm with a variety of floors in a one-strip design.

In 13mm thick planks, a lengthwise mini-bevel adds extra distinction to the appearance to create a perfect setting for a stylish home.

Hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratch resistant, the appearance will patine over the yearsView more to develop a unique personality that reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, the solid wood wear layer can be re-sanded up to 2-3 times. The T-lock locking system also makes it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools.


Using all the colours and natural variations in the wood, Bravo has a lively rather than a classic charm that will bring dynamic warmth to any home.

With either Proteco Lacquer or Proteco Natura Lacquer, the three-strip design is available in a glossy or matt finish. This high quality floor is ideal for family life with aView more hardwearing, easy to maintain, and scratch resistant surface that will last for years on end. And if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look of your floor, the solid wood wear layer can be re-sanded up to 4-5 times. The Ultraloc locking system also makes it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools.


With a limited range of classic woods in a 3-strip design, Rumba puts a real wood floor within everyone’s reach.

The 13mm planks come in gloss or matt finish and are hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratch resistant. As an entirely natural product, the appearance will change over the years to develop a unique personality thatView more reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, the solid wood wear layer can be re-sanded up to 2-3 times. The Ultraloc locking system also make it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools.


Viva is the affordable way to enjoy a real wood floor that offers an excellent range of design, but is also easy to handle and very robust.

A fine
wood veneer gives the full effect of solid wood, while the high-density
fibreboard middle layer provides extra strength.

All the
1-strip designs also have the added distinction of a discreet micro-bevel on
all sides. Hardwearing, easy to clean and scratch resistant, Viva is also very
easy to install because the plank are extra light and thinner than other
products. As a result Viva can often be installed over another floor without
the need to cut under doors or moulding.

7.     Fabric from Moon River Collection, Aldeco, Goodrich

Attributed to the
brilliant film “Breakfast  At Tiffany’s”, 50 years after
the film first lit up the silver screen, the Collection is directly inspired
from the 60’s masterpiece, trends and atmosphere.

Moon River, composed in
1961 by Henry Mancini, is the main theme for the enchanting “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”music, chanted Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly.

The Collection is
synonymous with elegance, femininity, humour,
fantasy, illusion, sophistication, sensitivity, drama, passion, glamour, luxury
and mystery! Representing the essence of
actress Audrey Hepburn.

The final result is
simply irresistible! An outstanding and original combination of chic and
elegant, and sophisticated fabrics with happy, soft and relaxed shades!

Moon River Collection
consists of 68 references in a mixture of damask, wave and small geometric
prints as well as plain waves.

Ideal for draperies,
bedspreads, pillow cases, cushions and upholstery.

An amazing Collection that shows an exceptional blend between
textures and new colours.

Featured: Upholstery; VARJAK
T017730004 and Drapery; BRADLEY T017820004

Dazzling Red

Image from Wallcovering – Elitis, Chance Collection

Image from  Carpet – Brink & Campman, Estella Collection

Image from Fabric – Aldeco, Moon River Collection

Image from Flooring – Tarkett, Engineerd Timber Collection

Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior.  It offers an extensive collection of interior wallcoverings, carpets, fabrics and floorings to create a completely personalized furnished ambience. Goodrich believes in ensuring that every dream design comes to life.  Above all else, Goodrich is driven by the vision that every living space is an expression of a unique cover story.

Goodrich boasts a strong presence in over 30 regional offices and galleries located in 8 countries including Singapore (Headquarters), China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Goodrich is well placed to meet all your interior furnishing needs, globally.

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