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The UK Monarchy Brand Worth of US$70 billion

Press Release   •   Jul 09, 2012 10:38 +08

Singapore, July 6, 2012 - Brand Finance has launched a study on the Monarchy as a ‘brand’. The latest report values the Monarchy from an economic perspective and as a brand with an impact of £44 billion on the UK Economy as well as assessing the emotional, political and constitutional arguments for The Royal Family.

The Monarchy’s contribution to the UK economy is considerable and Brand Finance estimates the revenue uplift to the 2012 UK economy will be £2.4 billion offset by costs of £1.4 billion giving a net uplift of £1 billion to GDP. 

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, commenting on the latest findings stated, “The Monarchy is one of the most valuable of all British brands. Whatever one thinks about the constitutional principle, there seems little doubt that the institution of Monarchy adds significant annual earnings and long term economic value to the UK. For most of her reign, The Queen has managed the Monarchy expertly and she is currently doing a great job on an international stage. The Monarchy is a powerful endorsement for individual and company brands and for the nation brand and we believe that it is making a significant contribution to the task of driving Britain out of the recession.’

The Value of the Monarchy 'Brand'GBP Millions (£)  USD Millions ($)

Intangible Asset Value                             26,365                                 41,921                   

Tangible Asset Value                               18,113                                 28,800

Total                                             44,478                        70,721

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