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Canon Introduces World's Shortest Throw Projector LV-8235 UST with Widescreen WXGA Resolution and 3D Support

Press Release   •   Nov 15, 2011 17:15 +08

innovative 32cm short-throw design of the LV-8235 UST multimedia projector provides versatility for a variety of creative 3D and 2D presentations, with 2500-Lumen Brightness

Canon today announced its first ultra-short throw (UST) projector, the LV-8235 UST, with the world’s shortest throw distance*1 of 32cm. The latest addition to Canon's LV range, and incorporating a compact DLP optical engine, the LV-8235 UST can be used in a wide variety of locations, with minimal shadow, glare or projection distortion.

"Projectors are increasingly being used in areas beyond the typical conference room, and we recognize the need for a versatile projector which can project from extremely short distances." says Andrew Koh, Senior Director & General Manager of Canon Imaging & Information Products Group. "With the shortest throw distance in the market, the LV-8235 UST opens up new possibilities in placements and usage. From concept displays in retail spaces to advertising signage to classrooms, the LV-8235 UST can be installed in a wide variety of locations due to its short throw distance and large image size."

Ultimate short-focus projector
The LV-8235 UST offers large screen projection, even where space is limited. Compactly designed, it can show an 80-inch image from a projection distance of just 32cm (with just 2.4cm installation distance). The LV-8235 UST is also capable of providing strong projection in big environments such as huge seminar rooms by projecting a wide 110-inch image from a slightly longer projection distance of 45.5cm.

Featuring native WXGA resolution (1280 x 800) and a 16:10 wide-aspect ratio, it is ideal for use with today's widescreen notebook computers. Presenters can avoid being dazzled and shadows will not be cast on the projected image, which makes it perfect for use in classrooms and corporate meeting rooms.

For places with projection constraints, the projector is also able to use surfaces like a table or a floor as a projection screen. This is especially useful for projecting and discussing maps. This new projection method has been made achievable with a newly developed ultra-short focus mirror optical system, which the projector uses to direct generated images through the projection lens, onto a built-in reflection mirror and finally through a projection window.

Brilliant 3D in close-up
The ultra short-focus technology of the LV-8235 UST means it can project large screen 3D in confined spaces. Advanced imaging technology makes it possible to reproduce natural colours even when projecting onto a blackboard or coloured wall. The result is incredible presentations for visitors to education and commercial centres, events or product displays. The LV-8235 UST uses the Frame Sequential Display Method, which switches at high speed between the images for left and right eye, and requires active shutter type glasses to be viewed in full 3D.

High quality imaging, flexibly delivered
A wonderfully versatile performer, its 2,500 lumens ensure bright, clear images, while the impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio delivers deep blacks. Flexible installation means it has a wide range of applications in classrooms, offices and commercial spaces. It can be installed on the ceiling or desktop for the typical wall projection used for lessons or meetings. Rear projection is ideal for video promotions in shop windows, restaurants, museums and the like, while under desk projection can turn tabletops or floors into useful display screens.

A built-in 10W speaker ensures a richer experience, enhancing presentations with vibrant sound, even in locations where there is no available sound system. The LV-8235 UST can also project clear images from digital sources using the HDMI input.

Optional Interactive Surface Solution
For those looking to enhance meetings, the LV-8235 UST is compatible with an optional interactive solution. Using ultrasonic and infra-red technology, a pen tool transforms any standard projection surface into an interactive platform, allowing users to write, draw and highlight on the projection surface in multiple colours. The bundled software also lets users save these changes to their documents in doc, jpeg, pdf and tif formats.

Easy, Economical Maintenance
With a long-life lamp of up to 3,000 hours (in Eco Mode) and a long-life air filter of up to 4,000 hours (in Eco mode), the LV-8235 UST is very economical to run and maintenance is simplified. A built-in RJ-45 network port also lets you monitor and control the projector remotely.

Pricing and availability
The LV-8235 UST will be available at authorized Canon dealers on 18 November at the recommended retail price of S$1,999. The LV-8235 UST with the Interactive Surface Solution will be available on 25 November (pricing to be announced).

*1As of 15 November, 2011.

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