Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific will arrange an aircraft to bring flight CX254 passengers back to Hong Kong

Press release   •   Dec 23, 2011 14:35 +08

Cathay Pacific will arrange CX260 from Paris to Hong Kong to make a stop at Moscow to bring back to Hong Kong the 197 passengers and 21 flight crew affected by the CX254 diversion.

The Boeing 747-400 aircraft is expected to arrive at Moscow at 19:25 local time (23:25 HK time), and will then fly out at 20:55 local time (0:55 HK time). The estimated arrival time in Hong Kong is 09:50 HK time on 25 December.

A Cathay Pacific spokesman said: “We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the passengers. The cause of the incident is being investigated and we are cooperating fully with all the authorities concerned.”

Cathay Pacific flight CX254 which departed from London 22:22 on 23 December local time to Hong Kong was diverted to Moscow. There are 197 passengers and 21 flight crew on board the Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

Our preliminary information indicates that after about four hours and 10 minutes of the flight journey, the Captain decided to divert the flight to Moscow because smoke was detected in the cockpit and the cabin.

The aircraft landed and parked at Moscow uneventfully at 8 am Moscow time (about 12 noon HK time) with no injuries to passengers or crew reported. Local priority landing was requested as a precautionary measure.

Normal disembarking was arranged for all passengers. Hotel accommodation has been arranged for passengers who do not require visa to enter Russia while other passengers are being looked after at the terminal.