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Circus Social launches 'AUDIENCE MAPS' with access to Facebook Topic Data in Asia

Press Release   •   Feb 20, 2016 22:32 +08


Circus Social is one of the first companies in Asia to partner with DataSift to provide aggregated and anonymized Facebook topic data.

Circus Social (, a leading social data analytics company in Asia, today announced a partnership with DataSift, the Human Data Intelligence provider, to give access to aggregated and anonymous Facebook topic data for customers. This partnership will allow Circus Social to be one of the first social analytics companies in Asia to offer their clients reports, deep insights and access to Facebook topic data.

Facebook topic data is anonymous and aggregated content data about specific activities, events, brand names, and other subjects that people are sharing on Facebook. Marketers can now go deeper in gathering real insights from real audiences and engage with the topics their customers are interested in. Working with Facebook topic data lets companies make business decisions in real-time, in a varierty of applications ranging from content discovery to product development and from audience affinity analysis to brand reputation management.

“There is a huge pool of data and insights now available to companies across the globe,” explains Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift. “Our aim at DataSift is to enable organizations to get real business value from this wealth of unstructured data and use the intelligence gained to drive decisions and answer business questions. Facebook topic data provides companies with an in-depth understanding of their key audiences in a privacy-safe way. It’s fantastic that Circus Social is now partnering with us to provide its clients across Asia with access to anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data.”

“We are one of the first data analytics companies in Asia to offer Facebook topic data, giving our clients and agency partners access to more insightful demographic data,” says Ram Bhamidi, Chief Operating Officer, Circus Social. "Circus Social is delighted to announce this collaboration with DataSift and we are looking forward to launching custom reports and Audience Maps based on Facebook topic data.”

What is Audience Maps?

An intuitive and user-friendly platform brought to you by Circus Social with access to Facebook topic data. Audience Maps gives you the capability to analyze immense social data from live interactions and engagements on Facebook, harnessed from 1.59 billion monthly active members. We are one of the first APAC-based companies to offer this capability to our Asian customers.

What makes it so unique?

- Rich demographic data and insights from 1.59 billion members across Facebook worldwide to understand how people are engaging around topics

- Access to a massive repository of live interactions, which is 6X larger than all other platforms combined -

(According to analysis of an automotive brand by DataSift, including Twitter, Tumblr, blogs and forum)

- Capability to aggregate and analyse engagement and content sharing as per your brand requirements to derive crucial insights for your next big marketing, media, content or product campaign!

- Go beyond basic demographics and deep dive into understanding what makes your audience tick

How does it work?

- We give you access to aggregated and anonymous Facebook topic data via DataSift

- Interactions, insights analysis and discovery are made intuitive, user & marketer-friendly on Audience Maps

- Data & conversations available in 11 languages in over 130 countries

- Several offerings to suit your needs are available starting at only US$1,000 per month.

Keen to know more? Check out our blog or email us to access your free Audience Maps demo!

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