Citizen Promaster Watches -Trend Of The Genre

Press Release   •   Aug 10, 2017 13:48 +08

Citizen Promaster WatchesFew words to begin with:

The Citizen Promaster is not a single category or model of watch. With dive-computers like the strictly professional Promaster Aqualand on one hand to the ‘everyone’s piece’ Citizen Promaster Navihawk GPS watch on the other, there’s a total of three categories to choose from, catering to the three different arenas in the world of sports and navigation.

Diving, mountaineering and land expeditions – the Citizen Promaster watches have already become the trends of the genre they fall into. Powered by light, the latest ones also make use of the GPS technology to make the wearer have a clear understanding of their respective positions, under the Sun or a dark sky. The Citizen Promaster watches have changed the traditional view on utility watches and has been able to overthrow – to quite a bit – the iconic image that was once the legacy of only Swiss-made watches. The Citizen Promaster watches credibly lay claim to enrich this particular genre which is not about just precise craftsmanship anymore; the use of cutting edge technology for greater and better achievements has put them in a league that’s essentially their own.

That’s because Citizen Promaster watches use the ultimate in watch technology, which also makes them tough nuts with a pleasant look. Altimeter, Depth Meter, Compass, GPS – name it and it is there! Have a look at the following and you’ll require no further explanation.

Picks that speaks:

i. Citizen Promaster Navihawk watches: In the era of GPS technology, the Pro-Master NaviHawk is a segment many consider to be at the apex of microelectronics; it makes the Promaster-s impressive and truly useful. It can be said that Pro-Masters are trendy, self-sufficient timepieces, which now come also with GPS and not just radio-atomic time-showing and corrections. In simple words – these are Big, Beautiful Things!

ii. Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Watch: The top model capable of diving to a thousand meters, the Promaster Divers are up for challenging your limits. They will withstand the toughest of marine conditions and help you achieve top endurance all the way. Highly functional, durable and high on safety, the Promaster Diver designs exude confidence with class.

iii. Citizen Promaster Land Alticchron: An interesting design and combination of materials, it looks like a sci-fi movie instrument available in the real world. The fantasy element of high-end timepieces comes alive in this. Superior to it is the Citizen Promaster Altichron Cirrus, which has a lug-less design with tapering straps that well conceal its monstrous size. The titanium also contributes to its wear-ability, diminishing the weight by a great deal.

The Citizen Promaster-s: Trend or a Genre?

Tough in their looks and graceful with their smooth, swoopy curves, the Citizen Promaster Watch is what modern, high-end watches should be! Definitely, they are a genre on their own. is Singapore’s premier ecommerce store for Wrist Watches. We source our watches in bulk from suppliers around the world, and that allows us to get great deals and keep the prices low. We offer FREE Ta-Q-Bin courier delivery on all domestic orders. Usually you will receive your order by the next working day. For other countries our shipping rates are very reasonable and you can choose the shipping method while checking out.