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Press release   •   Mar 21, 2012 13:11 +08

CLEAR|ERASE is a crystal clear finish that will turn any paintable surface into a dry erase area. You can scribble, sketch and erase without any hassle. 

CLEAR|ERASE is a newly launched product by Goodrich’s Wallcovering Division.  Goodrich is offering our clients and customers another alternative to transforming an existing wall surface into a seamless dry-erase board within a few hours.

CLEAR|ERASE is environmentally friendly, easy-to-apply and has a crystal clear coating finish as it allows the users to create it in any preferably color! With CLEAR|ERASE, the dry-erase board is no longer known by the terms as the whiteboard and marker board.  The CLEAR|ERASE can be seamlessly applied to any existing fixtures including wooden cabinets, wallcovering, painted and laminated surfaces in unusual shapes and any sizes with which is not applicable with traditional whiteboards. CLEAR|ERASE is suitable for all industries from healthcare, residential, retail, corporate offices to education centers.

KEY Benefits of using the CLEAR|ERASE 

Low Odour and VOCs

With little odour, it can be applied during office hours without hassle. CLEAR|ERASE is a water-based product and has low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It is awarded with Singapore Green Label (032-126).


Each kit of CLEAR|ERASE covers an area of 8.5 SQM, creating a large dry erase surface lower than the cost of a traditional whiteboard of equivalent size.

Creates a Seamless Dry Erase Surface anywhere

CLEAR|ERASE creates a seamless and continuous dry erase surface which will not have any seams that can trap marker residue.

Applicable over the top of fully customizable vinyl graphics

Whether your graphics are of various colors, patterns or grids, CLEAR|ERASE could be applied over them and allowing one to write on the surfaces subsequently. 

Ideal for areas like pediatric clinics, reception, boardrooms, break rooms and classrooms.

 A dry erase board in a compact kit

Bring CLEAR|ERASE home in a kit! It weighs far less and is much cheaper and easier to store as compared to whiteboards of equivalent size (8.5 SQM).

 Fit any size and shape

CLEAR|ERASE creates a dry erase surface in any shapes and sizes.

 Anytime, anywhere

CLEAR|ERASE is a crystal clear finish that will turn any paintable surface into a dry erase area. You can scribble, sketch and erase without any hassle.

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