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Common Options Of Outdoor Decking In Singapore

Press Release   •   Aug 26, 2015 15:33 +08

In Singapore, the use of outdoor decking is getting commonplace especially in the new homes and apartments where the existence of planter and balcony gives the home owners to option to use decking, to do up their natural alfresco setting. Here are some of the most popular outdoor decking options today.

1) Wood Decking

Wood decking is quite popular among today’s homes due to its natural look, texture and feel. Wood decking itself is eco friendly and they contribute greatly to better air quality in the atmosphere especially balcony is attached to the indoor living room of the apartment.

One common option of wood decking is Chengal wood decking. Chengal wood gives a natural yellowish brown colour to the decking, and as it matures the colour naturally become brownish. Thus giving your balcony decking an elegant wooden nostalgic look. Chengal decking is strong, durable and resistant by nature. However, the home owners may have to find good source of credible decking contractors who have successfully installed Chengal decking in various residential and commercial projects.

Another popular wood decking option will be ironwood decking which is a family of hardy wood species found in various part of indo-chine regions. Due to its strong structure and high dimensional stability, ironwood decking is often installed in high traffic area like the commercial public places, stadiums and more. Ironwood is also useful in the construction of trellis, pergola and cantilever for building project, not only for outdoor decking purposes.

Balau and pine decking is also common but as these wood species do not have relatively stronger janka hardness, these wood decking options may not be recommended for areas with high walk in traffic. Light traffic decking areas such as home balconies or planters are considered fine.

2) Composite Decking / Eco Wood Composite Decking

Composite decking are made of polymer mix with wood flour. Just like vinyl flooring or resilient flooring, they are highly water resistant, therefore it can be recommended for outdoor purposes. However, as eco wood composite decking is highly easy to be manufacturered, there may be many version of composite decking. Home owners may have to carefully select the right composite decking material such that it has relatively better heat UV resistance, weight resistance and many more.

Two ways to help the home owner find a better source of composite decking product that is to look for one with high eco friendly credentials, this may subtly means that stringent quality control and standard are being applied while producing the eco wood composite decking by the manufacturer. The other way is therefore to look for a credible flooring distributor who is also stringent in finding and sourcing the right decking product for the home owners.

So there you have, two common outdoor decking options in Singapore. Do take your time to learn more about outdoor decking options so as to give your home balcony the best decking it can get. Happy shopping!

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