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Converting your Planter into a Mini Deck

Press Release   •   Dec 22, 2015 06:52 +08

Many homes, especially HDB Built-to-order flats, have balconies and planters these days. Planters are mini versions of a balcony. In fact, planters are just a narrow strip of space just right outside the living room. As the name suggests, planters, are used to grow plants. They are well loved by nature lovers, and home owners who love plants. Some home owners plant home staples like chilli, onions, pandan leaves and even cherry tomatoes on their planter bed.

Of course, some home owners have a planter, but chose not to plant anything on their planter bed space. Because plants require a lot of care and attention. Those busy home owners who cannot afford the time to care for their plants, will rather cover up the planter bed with decking instead. This will convert the planter bed into a mini version of a normal balcony deck. In this way, home owners can step out into their ‘mini balcony’ and enjoy the view outside their home too.

Plants, beside needing a lot of care and attention, also will tend to attract birds and insects. Nature lovers will find them beautiful. However, some home owners find them a pest, and would rather do up a deck in place of plants. This will ensure they have no birds or insects which will accidentally fly into their homes. Of course, it will be easier to clean and maintain too!

With a deck in place of plants, home owners can also step onto the ‘mini deck’ to enjoy the outside view of their homes too. If there are plants in the planter bed, it will be impossible to take a step out onto the planter bed without stepping on the plants.

Planters being converted to a mini deck has been increasingly popular. This is because of the fast paced lifestyle in Singapore nowadays. Everyone is busy with work and has a hectic schedule everyday. Few people, especially young couples, have got time to sit and stare and care for the plants unlike retirees.

The Floor Gallery has 2 types of Decking, namely the Wood Decking and the Eco-Composite Decking. Both can be used to do up your mini deck, and they both comes in diff designs and colours. With a wide range to choose from, home owners can ensure that their mini balcony will be done up nicely and neatly by our floor specialists. So, if you have plans to convert your planter bed into a mini ‘balcony’, do contact The Floor Gallery and we will be happy to serve you.

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