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DAVID: a new agency

Press release   •   Dec 12, 2011 10:41 +08

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, December 12, 2011 – In the year that we celebrate the 100th birthday of David Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather is delighted to announce the birth of a new agency - DAVID.

Led by Fernando Musa, Gaston Bigio and Anselmo Ramos, DAVID starts with offices in São Paulo and Buenos Aires, and later in New York City.

DAVID, an independent agency backed by and housed within Ogilvy & Mather, launches in the legacy of our legendary founding father David Ogilvy, pioneer of modern advertising and the original Mad Man. DAVID is like David when he started out – young, smart, energetic and passionate. But behind DAVID lies the accumulated strength of decades of Ogilvy & Mather group experience, a powerful, winning combination.

Miles Young, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather commented, “This is a very exciting time for Ogilvy.  To date, there have been few truly global shops born out of the creative strength of Latin America. We believe the time is right to fuse the creative strengths of two of the region’s top markets, Argentina and Brazil, with the best of the rest of the world in a new offering with global reach —DAVID.  It allows us to match their particular strength to specific client needs—anywhere.”

DAVID will service a global client roster with this unique fusion of pan-Latin American creativity. Our roots span Latin America; our vision spans the world. A good example is our first senior hire, Nazia Du Bois, currently Ogilvy & Mather’s Global Head of Cultural Strategy, who joins us as Head of Planning at DAVID. A true citizen of the world, Nazia is originally from Bangladesh, and has working experience in Shanghai, London, Dubai and most recently in Brazil. Additionally, DAVID has hired two of Argentina’s top creative minds, Joaquin Cubría and Analía Ríos as Executive Creative Directors in the Buenos Aires office.

DAVID is a young agency that’s nimble, fearless and passionate about building brands with creativity and personality.  DAVID opens its doors officially in January 2012 with two offices in São Paulo and Buenos Aires. A branch in New York City will open at a later date.

For further information, please contact:
Sandra Azedo: sandra.azedo@ogilvy.com