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Eco-Resilient Flooring Designs

Press Release   •   Dec 10, 2015 04:49 +08

Eco Resilient flooring is the up and coming flooring in today’s context. It has many properties which are attractive to home owners, especially its waterproof property. The Floor Gallery Singapore is proud to be the authorised distributor for Earthwerks Bespoke Eco Resilient flooring, one of the first clickable resilient flooring products that has authentic eco green labels such as The Singapore Green Label’s environmentally preferred product.

The Floor Gallery has one of the largest collection of eco quality resilient flooring in Singapore. With a total of 18 designs, 14 designs come with wood like design and texture and 4 unique designs from the tiles (stone) series.

Wood Design Eco Resilient Flooring

The 14 designs are namely Aged Maple, Red Root, Dark Grey Oak, Euro Oak, Midnight Oak, Silver Grey, Oak Floss, Grey Trend, Chateau Oak, Thai Teak, Walnut, Coffee Oak, White Sawn and Brown Sawn. These designs give the home a wood like feel, making the interior space homely. Home owners can choose from fine oak inspired palette to rustic sewn textured wood designs. Some of these designs are light coloured, whereas some are in a darker shade. Home owners can have a better range of choice in deciding which design and colour suits their taste better.

Stone Design Eco Resilient Flooring

There are 4 available designs, namely Travertine, Cool Cement, Glazed Copper and Anthracite. These stone design collection gives the home a different look and feel. The design of marbles, granite and exquisite tiles adds uniqueness to your living space, and the cool cement design gives a modern industrial look and feel to your room interior. Stone designs are usually preferred by home owners who wants their home to stand out, and look different from the norm.

These 18 designs give home owners a good choice to choose from. Depending on the theme and colour of the home design, home owners can decide which of these 18 designs will suit their interior space best. On top of these, the many advantageous properties of Eco Resilient properties add on to its increasing popularity in today’s flooring context. Do give our Eco-Resilient flooring a thought when the time comes for you to do up your home floor!

TFG Flooring (The Floor Gallery Private Limited_ is founded with the objective to supply and install high eco quality flooring products to home owners and commercial property owners in Singapore. With high end eco quality flooring products, home owners will be able to enjoy high quality standards from the flooring products. At The Floor Gallery, the flooring group also believes in strong customer relationships as well as professional flooring installation worksmanship.

Home owners and commercial property owners will therefore get to enjoy high end quality flooring products for the indoor and as well as the outdoor flooring application. The Floor Gallery group focuses on its 3 strengths in all its dealings. Firstly, responsible flooring contractor company that will make sure that all its flooring products and services are of the highest quality. Secondly, sustainable flooring in its product line, therefore ensuring greater benefit to the environment as well as better living quality at home for the home owners and their families. Thirdly, exemplifying flooring expertise. At The Floor Gallery, we only choose to work with highly skilled and professional flooring installers that will ensure high quality installation standards to the entire flooring.