Express in Music transforms to USEA after acquisition from US$450m market cap listed company

Press release   •   Oct 07, 2019 06:00 +08

Singapore-headquartered background music solutions provider Express in Music and its group of companies has been acquired by USEN-NEXT Holdings, one of the biggest in-store music, media and service provider in the world.

From October 2019, Express in Music will change its name to USEA. The new name identifies itself with the parent holding company, USEN-NEXT Holdings.

Express in Music has now grown into one of the largest environmental music supplier in the region, supplying background music under the brand name Express Melody. With the name change, the company hopes to help its clients provide the Ultimate Store Experience in Asia by expanding its services to include scent fragrance, smart digital signage, in-store radio advertising as well as human resource solutions.

The acquisition comes 10 years after the company was first established in the year 2009 by co-founder and CEO Mr Jerry Chen.

Mr Chen said: “At USEA, our strength lies in Asian consumer behaviour as well as in-store experience. As the needs of consumers in Asia become more sophisticated, our clients are now looking beyond audio branding and seek a reliable as well as convenient one-stop partner that can help them provide that ultimate store experience for the Asian consumer.

Mr Chen added that to better serve their clients, USEA will also build new in-house capabilities, including the on-site installation of sound speakers and cabling services.

Mr Bernard Wee, Division Head of USEN-NEXT Holdings’ Overseas Business Promotion Office as well as Director of USEA said: “We are excited to bring greater value to the existing and future clients of USEN-NEXT as well as USEA in Asia. With the full support from the group, USEA will build new hardware and artificial intelligence capabilities to help our clients in Asia provide the ultimate store experience while optimizing their operations.”

As the USEN-NEXT group expands under a larger holding company servicing more than 750,000 outlets worldwide, the addition of USEA into the group will allow existing partners and clients to leverage on USEA’s network in Asia.

We have been a leader for a decade in music branding to multiple F&B chains, Retail groups and Hotels. USEA is backed by USEN-Next Holdings, a US$450m market cap listed company in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is one of the biggest B2B in-store music, media and service provider in the world. The company is a one-stop solution for local and regional clients in Asia offering reliable all-rounder 24/7 tech support and consumer behavioural insights.

At USEA, we offer more than just background music, scent fragrance, smart digital signage, in-store radio advertising and HR solutions. Specializing in Asian consumer psychology and in-store operations dynamics, the group currently provides service to more than 750,000 outlets. A convenient solution provider to clients in on-site installation of sound speakers and cabling services are part of the all-rounder approach to allow our clients to leverage on our large USEA network in Asia.

USEA’s VISION is for every business, every store, every brick-and-mortar establishment, to capitalize on the benefits of experiential marketing and ultimately deliver the best and most comprehensive user/customer experience their brand can provide.

USEA’S MISSION is to be the Southeast Asian leader and choice partner for experiential marketing — to generate innovation, captivate the senses, expand the consumer airspace, and complete the brand experience through state-of-the-art technology and branding solutions.