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Flooring and Your Home Interior Design

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2016 08:06 +08

Flooring shapes the base of any interior design and with lots of options accessible, it can be simple to get carried away and reject about useful aspects that need to be taken into consideration. By their extremely nature, floors are subject to the most use and therefore need to be capable to stand up to spills, knocks, and furniture not to mention animal and human traffic. Buying an affordable floor for your home interior design may save you money primary but it will not last long, looking tatty and worn before its time. Flooring truly needs to be viewed as investment and there are a number of choices available in Singapore market to suit all levels of budget. The initial thing to decide up is whether to go for soft or hard flooring for your home interior design.

Tiles are a kind of hard flooring and are available in a big range of man-made and natural materials. Mosaics, marble, slate, and ceramic titles are just some of the options available and each come with their own features. The main benefit of tiles is that they are very hard wearing and if perfectly maintained will last an extremely long time. As they are waterproof, they are perfectly suited to areas such as utility rooms and bathrooms, and being simple to clean are also best for kitchens. Anyway, tiles can be chill underfoot and can be slippery when wet, hence they are not suitable where children or elderly people are present. If they have an intricate pattern they can be hard to fit as well as being costly and semi-permanent. They are also noisy and need other softer surfaces to decrease the amount of echo in a room.

Wooden floors are also classed as strong or hard flooring but being softer than titles and they are also hot underfoot. With the big range of natural tones accessible, they can support a homely feeling. Even though they can be noisy, if sprung it can support to decrease noise and add bounce to the floor. The problem of wooden floors is that they are generally manufactured from softwoods and therefore can dent easily, especially by the heels of shoes.

Carpets are categorized as soft flooring and by their extremely nature make a feel of comfort and warmth. They can sense underfoot and luxurious and are best for hiding dirt and stains. Largely patterned carpets anyway, can make a room seem litter and will date simply. Plain carpets on the other can make a room seem bigger by making a sense of space. As well as being hot, carpets also support to decrease noise whilst giving insulation by guarding against heatt loss through the floor.

There are many other kinds of flooring for home interior design such as natural flooring including seagrass and jute as well as concrete flooring. The important part is to understand what the flooring chosen will be used for and choosing the right finish for that objective. Once you have planned on that, you should select the top standard that you can afford. Do keep in mind that a good floor will last you a long time, and is definitely worth investing in.

TFG Flooring (The Floor Gallery Private Limited_ is founded with the objective to supply and install high eco quality flooring products to home owners and commercial property owners in Singapore. With high end eco quality flooring products, home owners will be able to enjoy high quality standards from the flooring products. At The Floor Gallery, the flooring group also believes in strong customer relationships as well as professional flooring installation worksmanship.

Home owners and commercial property owners will therefore get to enjoy high end quality flooring products for the indoor and as well as the outdoor flooring application. The Floor Gallery group focuses on its 3 strengths in all its dealings. Firstly, responsible flooring contractor company that will make sure that all its flooring products and services are of the highest quality. Secondly, sustainable flooring in its product line, therefore ensuring greater benefit to the environment as well as better living quality at home for the home owners and their families. Thirdly, exemplifying flooring expertise. At The Floor Gallery, we only choose to work with highly skilled and professional flooring installers that will ensure high quality installation standards to the entire flooring.