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Press release   •   Mar 29, 2012 10:15 +08

Tarkett’s Sports Floor Collection caters to specific customer needs and offers end-users unique benefits.

Tarkett offers tangible functional, sensorial and ecological benefits for every need.

Functional: Durable, easy to install with outstanding cleaning and maintenance properties due to the unique surface treatments.

Sensorial: Diverse range of designs, colours and patterns always ensures the perfect choice, while excellent sports performance provides comfort and wellbeing.

Ecological: Continuous effort to increase the content of recycled materials in the floorings. With low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), lowest possible use of water, detergents and energy for cleaning, their environmental footprint is hence reduced.       

 Tarkett Sports Floor Collection has developed IMAGINE, a comprehensive seven-step plan designed to provide the most suitable products for your requirements.

Identify Your Needs | Manage every aspect of the project | Anticipate challenges and constraints | Guarantee safety and performance | Integrate all key players | Nurture the customer relationship | Enduring commitment

Tarkett Sports Floor Collection currently offers four different types of wood sports surfaces, from traditional to highly innovative wood surface. They are extremely durable due to Proteco treatment.

  1. Reflex M           : Accessibility and Simplicity.

Designed to provide shock absorption for all applications | High quality material | Simple construction | Easy to install


  1. Multiflex M       : Versality and Rapidity.

High levels of sports performances | Complies with the requirements of EN14904 standard | Optimum acoustic comfort | Homogenous behaviour | Resilient subconstruction


  1. Proflex M          : Performance and High Level.

Superior shock absorption | Consistent ball bounce, ideal for professional level basketball


  1. Sportable         : Innovation and Adaptability

Surface of choice for basketball, handball and volleyball | Removable floor with patented aluminum interlocking system | Easy storage | Limited weight | Great shock absorption, ball bounce and surface friction

Tarkett Sports developed its wood range on the basis of multi-layer construction. With a 3.6mm hardwood layer over base layers of softwood, made from spruce and pine, multi-layer wood flooring can be re-sand just like solid wood. It provides significantly superior mechanical performance, while excellent dimensional stability reduces the risk of movement as a result of changes in relative humidity (RH). The decision to use multi-layer construction was made on a basis of environmental and technical factors.


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