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Fueling Our Mission for A Better World

Press Release   •   Jan 26, 2017 11:15 +08

Thursday, 26 January 2017- In our ever revolving world where it seems like everything is rapidly changing, the issue of for better or worse is being called into question, along with appropriate actions and implementations in response. As the world rapidly industrializes and develops to cater to new advancements and higher demands, our environment pays for the damages incurred for our selfish ambitions.

Creating a cleaner and more sustainable future is imperative for more than just governments and non-profit organizations, but the very industry that belches out harmful amounts of greenhouse gases regularly. HSL recognizes this and has made it part of their aims to incorporate green technology as a major feature of the company. From the company’s Thermal Comfort Guidelines, Energy in Design and Green Procurement policies, HSL aims to lead by example and attempt to give back to the environment in any possible way. The company’s dedication can be especially seen through its attaining the ISO 50001 and being the second company in Singapore to be awarded this certification.

Beyond policy making and legislative measures, going green takes more than just that to be effective. This was what differentiated Denmark and Sweden, two countries with very similar stances and approach to sustainability. It was only when Denmark’s private sector proactively switched to renewable energy that it succeeded in its energy policy in comparison to Sweden. China, too, was able to decrease the price of solar energy by making use of government subsidies of solar equipment and increasing their supply. This shows the importance of co-opting companies in our global efforts to go green alongside government initiatives.

HSL is one of the first few companies in the Singapore construction industry to obtain the ISO 50001 certification, in its efforts to differentiate itself as a progressive company with environmental consciousness. This extends beyond prioritizing buying fuel-saving equipment and vehicles from environmentally conscious vendors, to our office design and policies. We also involve employees by having training sessions on how they can do their part in conserving energy when in the office.

In HSL, we incorporate sensors that automatically turn off lights in the absence of activity as well as glass walls to reduce the need for energy used for lights. In order to maximize efficiency of energy, HSL dedicates spaces to employees working overtime so as to ensure energy is not wasted unnecessarily. Through internal and external audits as well as committees within the company dedicated to energy efficiency and awareness amongst employees, we build a more energy efficient HSL for a healthier Earth. 

Founded in 1994 as a small start-up company and abiding staunchly by its Vision — a Greater HSL for a Better World — HSL has grown rapidly over two decades and is recognised as a frontrunner in the regional foreshore marine civil engineering sector. From a fully integrated engineering and construction company, HSL’s services expanded from marine civil engineering and infrastructure, plant construction, and ground engineering to include public works in Singapore.

Here at HSL, we strive to deliver engineering solutions, while enlivening the spirit of innovation.