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Walltalkers products are made with highest quality materials available using a meticulous lamination process that ensures 100% uniform coverage of the vinyl substrate. Walltalkers uses only vinyl substrate, never paper, so our dry erase presentation wallcoverings consistently maintain their unique flexibility and strength. The won’t crack, chip, or deteriorate even under daily use.

Walltalkers also feature excellent abrasion resistance (Taber ASTM D793) for easier, more cost-effective maintenance. Versatile and varied, walltalkers broad product line includes projection (low-gloss), adhesive-backed, colors, designer patterns, and more. Each one is designed to help users create high impact communications in a wide range of applications and facilities. And that’s exactly what Walltalkers has been doing successfully for over a decade!Why take a chance on “newcomers” that can’t back up their claim with a proven track record? Accept no substitutes. Insist on Walltalkers – the best dry erase presentation wallcoverings.

Goodwall Series

An exclusive selection of paper-backed vinyl designed to capture the spirits of a variety of natural elements. It is specially designed to give access to fascinating designs and colors for a use in a wide variety of environment including hospitality, commercial, healthcare and retail and create a lifestyle setting in a residential environment. It is also an environmental-green product as it has eliminated all heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium from the inks and adhesives used.

Premierwall Series

Designed for applications in the commercial, hospitality and residential environments, our PREMIERWALL collections offer fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings that exhibits excellent designs and colors. With a protective coating applied to its surface to minimize migration of stains into the vinyl. All our vinyl wallcoverings offer stain protection from a variety of staining agents and provides ease of cleanability. It is also an environmental-green product as it has eliminated all heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium from the inks and adhesives used.

In addition, these Wallcoverings meet the published flame spread and smoke development Fire Hazard Classification Rating(s) of those products when tested according to ASTM-E84 Tunnel Test and contain the Early Warning Effect formulation which provides early warning to the potential which when heated to contain thermo-participating ingredients which when heated to approximately 300˚F (~149˚C), they emit a colorless, odorless vapor that activates ionization smoke detectors when installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. Evidence of the Early Warning Effect shall be based on the ASTM E603-77 standard guide for room fire experiments.

Acoustical Solutions

Whispertex Acoustical (Needle Punch) wallcoverings are produced in Massachusetts, United States of America and are free from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), VOC (volatile organic compounds) or plasticizers, ODS (ozone depleting substances), heavy metals and HCHO (formaldehyde). Whispertex is suitable for commercial projects involving theatres, board rooms, conference rooms and music rooms, which requires acoustical material for the walls.


At Goodrich, we recognize that no matter how big or small, it is our responsibility to protect the environment we live in. With this motivation, we embarked on the journey to create and provide a new range of “green” products. Developed as a sustainable solution for the contract, hospitality and residential, is no longer simply an attractive option for patterns on an alternative substrate. Our ECOWALL line of wallcoverings helps save the environment and cost by sustaining its condition in the long term and offers new finishes, designs and materials for the contract market, all varied with one mission: Innovative design with the highest post-consumer content in the industry.

Established in 1983, Goodrich Global has grown sizeably to become Southeast Asia's leading supplier of interior wallcoverings today. Despite being a leader in its field, the company is mindful not to rest on its laurels. Instead, it continues to improve and innovate through its design, application and services.