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Goodrich Features-Choosing a Feature Wall for your Home

Press Release   •   May 16, 2014 18:24 +08

16th May 2014

Choosing a feature wall for your home can be easy and effortless. Here are some tips to follow when you are selecting wallcoverings for a feature wall. The wallcovering designs that work well on feature walls are endless. A key point to note is that a feature wall should have a different patterns, texture and colour from the rest of the walls.

3 feature wall designs that will give your home a wink are…


Striped wallcoverings can be used vertically- to give an illusion or width or horizontally- to give an illusion of height.

Damasks or Florals

Classic and elegant! When choosing a wallcovering of this pattern, try picking one with a lighter coloured tone. Reason being is that these patterns itself are very rich and intricate on their own and by choosing a lighter coloured base, it brings out the beauty of the patterns even more.

< These wallcovering designs involve pattern repeat and you might need more rolls to cover the feature wall. >

Photo Memories Be prepared to hear a collective “aww” from guests that walk into your living space. A feature wall dedicated to the loves of your life, treasured memories and priceless moments is perfect if you are one that loves replaying them over and over in your mind…

<To create a wall full of wonderful memories, send in your images to with a resolution of the image at 500dpi at least for it to be customized into a digital wallcovering.>

But bear in mind that a feature wall should not be drastically different from the rest of the décor style. You want to accent the walls, not overwhelm it.

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