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HSL Safety Day 2017

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2017 11:54 +08

Friday, 20th January 2017- For the past 23 years, HSL’s goal was to create a safe working environment for all its workers which includes stringent training programmes and to be at the forefront of advancements in technology concerning worker safety. HSL’s Safety Day seeks to reinforce that narrative and vision.

Mr Charles Quek, HSL’s CEO, giving his opening speech on HSL’s history of employee welfare to kick off the event.

The event was held with much fanfare, with plentiful games and demonstrations as well as booths set up. Games ranging from spotting hazards in a sandbox model of a construction site to attempting to accomplish difficult tasks without the use of certain limbs or fingers while demonstrations on rescue were made a few times. Each booth explained the different aspects of safety, such as different risks workers should avoid taking and necessary precautions. The Singapore Police Force joined in with their booth on road safety, with much emphasis on drink-driving.

Booth on safety tips such as pinch points and identifying hazards

The Singapore Police Force’s booth on road safety

Demonstration on efficient and safe rescue, which was immensely popular

Workplace safety in Singapore has been a cause for concern due to its immeasurable impact socially and economically. Increased workplace accidents results in consequences such as higher turnover rates, lowered production levels, equipment damage and fines incurred. What's worse is the impact on individual workers where their families lose a source of income and suffer emotionally from the loss of a family member. The individual impacts may be amplified further by the lack of support systems.

Games on identifying hazards as well as a model of the HSL’s Tuas site to give visitors a better understanding of a construction site’s layout

Dummies were used to showcase the different equipment utilized in rescue

A specimen truck was used to demonstrate safe standing positions for banksmen

Keeping workers’ safety at the forefront of its priorities, HSL hopes to instil the importance of practicing safety habits and being able to identify hazards as well as efficiently conduct rescue operations. On top of dedicated events to safety and stringent trainings, HSL values feedback from employees. Having close employer-employee ties is essential to the process wherein workers at HSL feel like their issues are aired in a transparent manner and dealt with seriously. 

Founded in 1994 as a small start-up company and abiding staunchly by its Vision — a Greater HSL for a Better World — HSL has grown rapidly over two decades and is recognised as a frontrunner in the regional foreshore marine civil engineering sector. From a fully integrated engineering and construction company, HSL’s services expanded from marine civil engineering and infrastructure, plant construction, and ground engineering to include public works in Singapore.

Here at HSL, we strive to deliver engineering solutions, while enlivening the spirit of innovation.