Ideocean launches maritime consulting group

Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2012 01:54 +08

Ideocean was launched today, as a management consulting and strategic advisory group, focused on the maritime, offshore and marine infrastructure markets. Manish Singh, who leads Ideocean group’s business, was formerly part of the executive team at leading ship management and maritime services provider, V.Group. Outlining Ideocean’s business proposition at it’s launch, Manish Singh commented that “The considerable stresses on maritime asset owners, operators, financiers and the services sector are likely to prevail. In this challenging market, businesses are seeking advisory inputs to support their strategic reviews for sustaining and growing their business. Ideocean’s client base will also include trade players aiming to consolidate their positions through M&A or investors exploring value investments in maritime and associated sectors. “ 

As a strategy consulting business Ideocean’s differentiation comes from it’s industry specific focus, the deep insights through extensive relationships and access to a global network of industry experts and partners. Ideocean is readily able to engage, as a consultant or a development partner, with businesses that are considering restructuring options, pursuing synergies from Mergers & Acquisition opportunities, reconsidering their operating strategies, exploring new technologies and reviewing the need for retraining and development of their key personnel to cope with a fast changing operating environment. In order to underpin its offerings, Ideocean is expanding its global network and pursuing acquisitions in the maritime and offshore research, technologies and education markets. Ideocean has officially launched it’s operations in the UK and in Singapore and aims to position itself in further maritime markets, with launches scheduled for Dubai, India and China in the coming months. 

Ideocean is a strategic advisory business focused on the maritime, offshore and marine infrastructure markets