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Launch of Anti-Drink Drive Campaign 2011 At Movida, St James - Speech By Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs, 27 December 2011

Press Release   •   Dec 27, 2011 15:50 +08

Commissioner of Police
Distinguished Sponsors & Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen  

Anti-Drink Drive Campaign 2011  

I am honoured to be here this evening to launch the Anti-Drink Drive Campaign 2011. With the festive partying going on around Singapore during this period, the campaign is a timely reminder for all us to remain safe and responsible road users even as we enjoy ourselves.    

Consequences of Drink Driving         

The Traffic Police’s message on drink driving is simple: “Don’t Drive To Drink. And You’ll Never Drink And Drive.” This year, we have also added on another message: “Choose One. Not Both.” to remind all drivers that they have a choice. Either Drink or Drive. You can’t have both.       

It is known that those who consume alcohol are more likely to have impaired judgment and slower reflexes. I note with much sadness that there were 15 fatalities as a result of drink driving-related accidents from January to September this year [1]. Of the 15 fatalities, 9 were drink drivers themselves. However, the other 6 fatalities were innocent road users who were killed in accidents caused by drink drivers. Drink driving affects not just the driver and his family, but other innocent parties as well. So don’t spoil it for yourself and others by acting irresponsibly. And never allow your loved ones and friends to drive if they have been drinking.  

Enforcement & Partnering the Community  

The Traffic Police will be relentless in their enforcement operations against drink drivers, through their regular ring-fencing operations. These will continue throughout the festive period. Those arrested for drink driving will face stiff penalties including heavy fines, lengthy disqualifications from driving and imprisonment.  

I am happy that business owners of entertainment outlets have come forward to offer incentives such as free or subsidised valet services and overnight parking to their patrons. This gives drinkers no excuses to drink and drive. I strongly encourage patrons to utilise these services if they are drinking.  


Last but not least, I wish to express my deepest appreciation to our long-term sponsors – Asia Pacific Breweries, Shell and Tote Board for their committed support towards the success of our annual road safety programmes. I now declare the launch of Anti-Drink Drive Campaign 2011.  

Thank you.

[1] Comparatively, there were 18 fatalities as a result of drink driving-related accidents recorded from Jan – Sep 2010.