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Lighting Trend - Bedroom

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2012 08:00 +08


After a long hard day at work, what do you want to do most when the clock strikes “knock off” time?

Do you miss your fluffy duvet and your cozy pillow?

How much do you wish that you will be in your bedroom in a blink of an eye, showered, smelling good and snuggling under the blanket?

Research shows that everyone spends 33% of their life sleeping. Hey, one night sleep is already 8 hours, you know? Same as your work shift.

Thus, atmosphere has to be right in your bedroom, to let you have a good night sleep.

Lighting here plays an important role.

Think about it, which one allows you to take away the stress and fall asleep faster?

A nice cozy bedroom with bright day light fixture? Or one with nice smoothing warm light fixture?

It’s a bit of tricky here as nowadays the bedroom is not only for sleeping. Many other activities are conducted in the bedroom too. Like small work or reading area.

Before you decide on your lightings, consider about this;

  1. The type of lighting you would like to have in your room.
  2. The functionality of the lights.
  3. How much lighting is sufficient to brighten up your room?
  4. The theme of your bedroom.

There are multiple choices for different types of lighting fixtures that you can use in the room.

Hanging Light
Hanging or pendant lamps are somewhat less common in bedrooms than in living room, dining rooms or kitchens. However, the right hanging light fixture can draw the eye upward, adding a new dimension to your bedroom's style. A chandelier in the bedroom adds a touch of sophistication. For a simple and restful bedroom, you can use a loud color lighting fixture as a focal point. For a more modern approach, a hanging paper lantern provides a soft and simple overhead light source.

Bedside Lamps
Placing a table lamp on each bedside table is one of the traditional ways of lighting your bedroom. The bedside a lamp does not only give ample light for reading and it also compliments your bedframe.
If you want to give your bedroom a well-integrated, harmonious look, make sure that your bedside lamps blends in with the other furnishings. If your bed has minimalist lines, look for lamp bases that are simple and clean cut. If you're deciding on the color of the lamp, try matching the color with your bedspread or bedframe.

Downlight is one of the necessities nowadays in a modern bedroom.
By having downlights around the circumference of the bedroom allows you brighter illumination when you are in search of that long lost dress in the wardrobe.

Functionality of lighting has to be done in such a way that it is best chosen to suite your surroundings. For example the types of lighting required for a dining area are not the same as that for a reading area. . The lighting of an area depends on your purpose. Take for example for reading purposes, lighting has to be planned to satisfy the health of the reader. If the reading light is not bright enough it may cause eye problems for the reader. A correct reading should enable the reader to be well focused. The lighting fixture should be able to illuminate the specific characters on the pages of the book, so that the reader would not have to strain their eyes to stay focus on the text.

How much lighting is sufficient to illuminate your room?


  • Calculate the total square footage of the area that you are planning the lighting. For rectangular areas, multiply the length times the width. For circular areas, divide the diameter by two to find the radius. Then square the radius and multiply it by 3.14.
  • Determine the total lighting power in the area by adding the umber of lumens for each bulb. The number of lumens will be listed in the anufacturer's information for the light bulb. Or you can check with your riendly lighting consultant on the lumens of the light you are urchasing.
  • Divide the number of lumens generated, found in Step 2, by the square footage of the area lit, found in Step 1, to calculate lumens per square foot. For example, if you had a 135 square foot bedroom lit by a total of 2,025 lumens, you would have 15 lumens per square foot.

Do not use watts when calculating the light output. Watts represents how much power is being used, not how much light is being generated. For example, according to the Department of Energy, it takes 100 watts for an incandescent bulb to generate about 1,600 lumens, but it only takes between 23 and 30 watts for a compact fluorescent bulb to generate the same amount of light.

Theme of your bedroom is also one of the various considerations. Would you select a chandelier for a raw industrial looking room?
Hence we would advise you decide on a theme first before searching for the correct pieces to compliment your whole bedroom design.

That’s about all folks.

Hope you had fun reading thru this article and have many great ideas for your bedroom fun!

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