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Lighting Trend - Living Room

Press Release   •   Oct 03, 2012 08:00 +08

Lighting Trend for Living Room:

Living Room is one of the “attention seekers” of your home. It can be an area of entertainment where you and your family relax after a hard day at work. Who doesn’t want to slouch in the couch and catch a good old movie with your love ones? Or that chit chat session with your closest friends updating each other about what’s going on in your everyday life?
Usually it is used for many purposes and with appropriate lightings it can “lit up” the eyes of your guests and accommodate all of the events taking place there.

Table Lamps
Table lamps are important task lightings as well as ambience lighting. It would be a good idea to scatter a few around the area. A matching pair can be placed on the console for a symmetrical look. Or if you prefer a more spontaneous one, different design of same theme can be used in difference spot of the room.

Floor Lamps
Floor lamps are great at corners for adding light and decoration purposes. They don’t take up much space and can distribute light evenly at awkward spaces.

Hanging Lights
Chandeliers and pendent lamps can be fun and decorative in the room. They can be the main talking piece in the area and can provide a lot of overhead light too. Hanging lights are usually not much expected in the area however, when synchronize properly with the interior design, it can bring out the accent of the room amazingly and create real depth.
However, do take note that your ceiling has got to be high enough for the hanging so that no one will hit their head.

Track Lights & Down lights
there is an increase in popularity for track lights and down lights thru the years for the living area. Down lights are high in demand now with the LED technology which not only saves the energy but also drawing lesser energy means drawing lesser electricity and paying lesser on your bills. The simplest way of illuminating your hall is having down light fixtures around the corners of your hall. By separating the lights into more than one switch, you can choose which ones to turn on at times. When there’s an event or function, you can choose to switch on all to have brightness all around. When you are watching a movie with your love one on the couch, you can choose just to switch on two or three to create an accent or cozy feel.
Track lights are also one of the increasing trends we see nowadays. Track lights can be used to highlight certain areas of the room and also gives you the versatility of adding or decreasing the number no lighting fixtures you would need to illuminate the room.

Ceiling Light
if you think that we are going to talk about the conventional ceiling light here then you are only half right. Ceiling light has always been the conventional choice as it is still the brightest among all now. Unless if you are not going to do up the interior décor for your new pad; otherwise it would be unwise as it will not be matching. Nowadays there are new types of ceiling light that can brighten up your place and blend into your design at the same time. Do keep a look out for lightings like these to accent up your place if you are not planning for down lights or hanging ones.

Wall Light
Wall lights are great for adding a little ambience and décor to the room. They look lovely when placed on the wall above consoles or just acting as a piece of art. But do note that these lights are for decorative purposes and won’t be enough when it comes to providing light. Other sources of lights should be use at the same area to provide enough light.

Lighting Tips
ideally a living room should have a nice mixture of the above recommendations. While track light can be practical, wall light are a piece of art and hanging light provide an overhead light, they might not really be the best choice of lighting for your new pad. Ultimately you would want a mix of task and ambient light, so try mixing table or stand lamps together with down lights or cove lights would be the most basic mix from all. Make sure areas of work or reading are properly illuminated so that it would not spoil your eyesight.

Photo Courtesy from Square Feet Concepts Pte Ltd

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Designer lighting and lamps are of course appealing to the eye due to the abstract shapes and designs that are one-of-the-kind. Although it fits very well with the taste of today’s home owners especially when they are looking for lighting and lamps that are more than just providing illumination to the room, the pricing is pretty much expensive.

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