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Lighting Trend - Outdoor Lighting

Press Release   •   Oct 23, 2012 08:00 +08


In the past, outdoor lighting has not been an area being focused. Many has only gotten basic essential lights for illumination at the outdoor area due to security and safety purposes.

However, outdoor lighting does not only provide illumination for your balcony or back yard, it reveals and outline your home with beautiful highlights when the sun goes down.

Nowadays, we do not only spend their time in the rooms. Outdoor areas have been used to extend enjoyments with family and friends. A well planned outdoor lighting does not only reinforce aesthetic appeal, but also add value to your home while providing security and safety at the same time.

Over the last few years, energy saving has been a concerned issue among all. LED lights has caught consumer’s attention and becoming a popular choice among them.  These lights does not only illuminates your outdoor area, it also helps to save your bills. In a long run, it is even cheaper than running on conventional lights. Imagine the amount of money you save just on buying the light bulbs. Flood lights, lawn lights and even wall mounted lights are available in LED now. (Refer to link: for write up on LED and energy saving)

Another of the leading outdoor lighting trend is fibre optic as electricity is not connected directly to the lighting fixture. And hence it is a safe fixture to use for water features and pools.

Other than the basic essential lighting fixtures you can think of for your home. You can also get furniture or even flower pot with build in illuminated fixtures to decorate your outdoor area. Innovations nowadays does not only think about illumination but also beautifying your area with an “out of the box” design. (Refer to link: for illuminated furniture and flower pot)

Tips: The ideal outdoor lighting system should meets practical and aesthetic needs of the homeowner yet with easy maintenance. To achieve these, it is necessary to make plans, designs and think about the lighting you would want to choose before implementation.



About Lite Lab Private Ltd

Lite Lab Private Ltd is one of the first lighting companies in Singapore that provides quality Eco designer lighting products and services to the affluent home owners of today. As living spaces are smaller in new homes, in order to have that unique kind of interior design, your lighting and lamps plays an important part. 

Designer lighting and lamps are of course appealing to the eye due to the abstract shapes and designs that are one-of-the-kind. Although it fits very well with the taste of today’s home owners especially when they are looking for lighting and lamps that are more than just providing illumination to the room, the pricing is pretty much expensive.

This is where Lite Lab came into picture. Eco designer lighting simply means economical and Eco lighting for the lighting and lamps in Lite Lab. This opens up a lot of opportunities for new home owners today to have piece of quality designer lighting at their homes at a reasonable and affordable pricing.

The staffs and management of Lite Lab follow closely in giving all our clients the best customer service with the following objective in mind:

Company’s mission:

. to be a trend setter in providing “out of the box” designers’ lightings at inexpensive price

. to do our part for the environment in providing “eco friendly” lightings as in LED concept

Company’s philosophy:

. we only sell to all our clients quality lightings that meet our stringent checks

. we guarantee our price are most reasonable.

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