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Marketing Institute of Singapore develops Marketing Toolkit for SMEs in collaboration with SPRING Singapore

Press release   •   Nov 09, 2010 16:14 +08

The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) has collaborated with SPRING Singapore to develop a Marketing Toolkit for SMEs to help them strengthen their brand through better marketing practices.

The SME Marketing Toolkit aims to help SMEs enhance the effectiveness of their current marketing efforts through cost‐effective DIY marketing techniques and augment their knowledge when engaging vendors for such services. Supplemented by introductory workshops organised by the MIS, the toolkit is a self‐help guide containing tools and templates that SMEs can use and adopt to become more competitive.

The toolkit comprises seven modules, namely Market Assessment, Marketing Plan, Branding, Public Relations & Advertising, Marketing Collaterals, Digital Marketing and Promotions Leads & Sales. Each module consists of know‐how guides, checklists, case studies, tips, action points and editable templates, with links to more information and resources. The Top 10 Marketing Needs of SMEs have also been identified, so companies can use them as a guide to prioritise the development of their own marketing capabilities.

“Marketing is an integral part of any business and we, as the national body for sales and marketing, see this collaboration as a great opportunity to do our part in helping SMEs put in place good marketing practices. To ensure relevance to the current business environment and ease of use and adoption for the SMEs, careful thought has gone into the development of each of the modules in the SME Marketing Toolkit. We hope SMEs will harness on marketing as a strategic function of their business to enhance their performance,” says Mr Jefrey Gomez, Acting Executive Director of the MIS.

The SME Marketing Toolkit can be found at the MIS’s i‐Marketer portal (www.i‐ or the EnterpriseOne portal (

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