Ministry of Information,Communications and the Arts

MICA seeks feedback on Do-Not-Call Registry

Press Release   •   Nov 01, 2011 14:57 +08

The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (“MICA”) is seeking public feedback on the details for the proposed national Do-Not-Call (“DNC”) Registry for Singapore.      

MICA would like to thank the public for their feedback and participation in the public consultation exercise on the proposed consumer data protection (“DP”) law that was conducted from 13 Sep to 25 Oct 2011. As the public has indicated strong interest and support for a national DNC registry from the DP public consultation exercise, MICA is launching a second public consultation to seek the public’s views on the proposed DNC registry. Other feedback received in relation to the proposed DP law is currently in the midst of evaluation.        

The proposed DNC registry aims to provide individuals a simple and effective way of handling unsolicited marketing telephone calls, SMS/MMS and fax messages by registering their phone numbers with the registry. Organisations will be required by law to check the registry to ensure that they do not make marketing calls or send marketing messages to the numbers registered. The proposed registry seeks to protect consumers from unsolicited marketing messages as well as benefit telemarketers. Telemarketers can effectively target genuine groups of consumers and preserve telemarketing as a credible marketing medium. The proposed registry will be under the purview of the Data Protection Commission (“DPC”). 

MICA would like to seek public feedback on the proposed scope and implementation of the national DNC registry. They include the types of messages, organisations and phone numbers the registry would cover; the methods for registration, exceptions and how organisations should use the DNC registry; and the penalty and enforcement regime and appeal channels for organisations. More details of the proposed DNC registry are also available on MICA’s online consultation website located at MICA intends to propose a Data Protection Bill that includes the DNC Registry, for further consultation in early 2012. 


Members of the public are invited to submit their views in writing or online through the website located at by 28 Nov 2011 (5 pm).