Ministry of Education

More Schools to Offer Enhanced Art and Music Programmes to Nurture More Students with Talent in Art and Music

Press Release   •   Jul 28, 2011 09:22 +08

The Enhanced Art Programme (EAP) and Enhanced Music Programme (EMP) will be extended to three more secondary schools from 2012. The EAPwill be extended to Nan Chiau High School (NCHS) and Ngee Ann Secondary School (NASS), while the EMPwill be offered at St. Margaret’s Secondary School (SMSS). The list of schools offering EAPand EMPis at Annex A. These programmes complement the existing Art Elective Programme (AEP) and Music Elective Programme (MEP) in secondary schools.


TheEAPandEMPwere started in 2011 to provide greater opportunities for students with keen disposition and capability in art and music to develop their talent. They are two-year programmes that provide an enriched learning environment for Secondary 3 and 4 students who are inclined towards Art and Music respectively. Students in theEAP/EMPwill proceed to either take Art/Music or Higher Art/Higher Music at O-level. Students will study a range of topics based on the O-level syllabus for Art/Music or Higher Art/ Higher Music and benefit from enrichment activities.

EAP/EMPschools will receive support from MOE, which includes a start-up fund and one additional art/music teaching personnel. The start-up fund will equip schools with additional music instruments or specialised art equipment, and teaching resources for theEAP/EMPclasses.

The criteria in selecting a school to run theEAP/EMPcomprise key factors such as the student profile, quality of existing Art/Music curriculum and the arts culture in the school. The capacity to implement and sustain a strong Art/Music programme by the school is also taken into consideration.

Nan Chiau High School (NCHS) has a strong aesthetics education programme. The school aims to enhance its vibrant arts culture by providing more opportunities for students to deepen their artistic interest and skills, and to showcase their talents. TheNCHSEAPwill be supported by enrichment programmes which include the Aesthetics Week, Student-Initiated Project in Art and Lower Secondary Integrated Art Modules.

Ngee Ann Secondary School (NASS) places high emphasis on art education. The school seeks to develop a rich fine art culture and leverage its strengths in the innovative and effective use of information technology (IT) in art education as the Centre Of Excellence (COE) in ICT East Zone. With a new focus in digital imaging, illustration and animation,NASSwill further expose its students to new media through avenues such as its Second Life 3D virtual art gallery, titled GetsmART , which provides a unique social networking environment for students to develop their art appreciation.

Aesthetics development is a major thrust in St Margaret’s Secondary School (SMSS). The school has built up a strong culture in the arts over the years. With the inception ofEMP, the school seeks to restructure its curriculum using the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework, providing more opportunities for students to discuss and carry out research on musical issues at a deeper level. In addition,SMSSseeks to hone students’ musicianship skills through experiences beyond their principal instrument, for example vocal lessons as well as other workshops in composition.

Students interested in taking Art or Music as an O-level subject under theEAPorEMPshould first be enrolled in the schools offering these programmes.