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Mothers @ Work

Press Release   •   Jan 23, 2017 13:07 +08

Singapore, 23 January 2017 Child-friendly spaces in office facilities are a rarity which has led to a rise of co-working spaces with childminding facilities out of necessity and demand. It also led to a trend of mothers resigning to care for children. Access to daycare is the least of any parent's concern at HSL due to the inclusive facilities and attitudes in the workplace. A playroom, 2 nursing rooms and plenty of children's entertainment amist the colourful and engaging interior of the office is specially put in place to cater to the needs of employees with children in HSL. 

This is to incentivise more employees to bring their children to work and lifts the burden of hunting for a nanny or daycare centre while they work. The presence of such facilities solves issues like mothers leaving the workforce to care for their children due to societal pressures. HSL's imperative is to create a dynamic work environment that caters to as broad a demographic as possible and this includes women. By doing so, parents are able to bring their child to work if daycare or nannies are not an option, reducing opportunity costs of motherhood. As opposed to alienating mothers and single parents, the company chose to delve into and tap onto the talents of those that would otherwise not have their talents recognized in the workplace.

By empowering mothers and parents with certain needs, HSL shows itself to be mindful of the value of its employees and their indispensability to the company's function and growth, as well as its progressive approach towards women in the workplace. 

Such projects are cognizant with the company's longheld beliefs in equity of treatment and an extension of signing TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices)'s Employer's Pledge of Fair Employment Practices. Employee welfare and treatment is of high priority as well as ensuring the wellbeing

HSL's dedication to its employee's career growth reflects its aims of popularizing a more conducive, interactive, inclusive and revolutionary office environment that optimizes worker creativity and retains talent within the company. A Greater HSL would not be possible without all of its employees working together cohesively for a Better World. 

Founded in 1994 as a small start-up company and abiding staunchly by its Vision — a Greater HSL for a Better World — HSL has grown rapidly over two decades and is recognised as a frontrunner in the regional foreshore marine civil engineering sector. From a fully integrated engineering and construction company, HSL’s services expanded from marine civil engineering and infrastructure, plant construction, and ground engineering to include public works in Singapore.

Here at HSL, we strive to deliver engineering solutions, while enlivening the spirit of innovation.