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Music crowdsourcing site seeks supports from angels

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 11:31 +08

Between 2008 and 2009, it was reported by Audio Branding Academy that there is an 17% increase in spending for audio branding. In the same report, for 2009 to 2010, there is an indication of 23.1% strong increase in demand and interest from clients for audio branding.

What does your brand sounds like? is a crowdsourcing platform that provides audio solutions for media and brand communications. Quick responses are assured with the high quantity of audio talents (musicians and voiceover artistes) through our outreach.

The startup company is currently on and have a current 112 "Likes" through a Facebook link. For every 'Like', Capitaland Hope Foundation has pledge to donate $1.00 to an adopted charity.

Post your music brief and our algorithm will instantly let you know the amount to pay for. In fact, you can set the prize money within the range (the higher it is, the more submissions you will attract). Once the music brief is uploaded successfully, this opportunity is seen by thousands of talents. Like a contest model, they will pour in customised productions specific to your brief. Only the winner is paid the prize money. We have plans to license out the non-winners’ music entries to 3rdparties soon in the pipeline...making them ultimately winners too through the collection of royalties.

Clients can personalize their communications through music (e.g. for social media campaigns, TVCs, radio, corporate anthem, video clip, etc.) easily on our niche site. On the other end, it is also giving musicians an added opportunity to up their portfolio and monetize their music. We are extremely passionate connecting our musicians and voiceover artistes with commercial opportunities. There were several instances when our freelance musicians got discovered through their submissions and turned their passion full-time.


Our founders, Jerry and Adriel, firmly believe in personalize music bringing out the best in a brand’s communications. In a rating of “Sensory Importance”, sound was rated 41% in importance in today’s communications. Research from Dr Adrian North of Leicester University also showed that brands with music in their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than those without (or non-fitting music).

Being a small startup, we seek to help more companies and brands discover how personalized audio (through sonic identities) can assist them with higher sales, brand recall, productivity and heighten awareness. Here are some mediums which we can be engaged:


TV Commercial, Radio, Animation, Voiceovers, Social Media Campaign, Websites, Musical, Video Clip, Film (TV Broadcast / Public Screening), Event, Corporate (company corporate anthem / internal communications), Games (sound designs / theme song), Personal (birthdays, weddings, special occasions).

Why go to just 1 music composer when you can get a mass quantity of musicians on this crowdsourcing platform? Music is subjective, a greater variety specific to your needs is definitely a better choice.

Why rely on 1 recording studio when you need a music piece urgently? Speed is of essence and we know the media (especially advertising and branding) is dependent on the time turnover rate.

Quality matters and we are proud to be open about it here:

We love to collaborate with individual music composers and recording studios, when we come together, we can grow bigger together with more opportunities coming into one channel. When we grow in the demand, this will certainly help lots and lots of music talents and voiceover artistes too.

Express In Music is a crowdsourcing platform that helps you Be Heard through the speed, mass quantity and high qualitative turnover in assisting you:

  • An assurance that the music produced is licensed with appropriate rights for your convenient usage
  • Quick responses within a wide community of varied musicians’ submission
  • Boost your company’s CSR profile by supporting our thousands of proficient musicians internationally


Corporations and Brands need music more than they think

In terms of marketing and communications:

  • Express your brand exceptionally
  • Engage your target audience emotionally
  • Enjoy greater yearning for your Brand, inspire self confidence and security through ownership and increase bonding within your corporation.


In terms of marketing and communications
Express your brand image exceptionally to Be Heard by engaging targeted audience emotionally


Achieve greater yearning for your company

Boost confidence of your product and enhance work inspiration with a personalize song


Get the perks

…of Being Heard with a unique audio identity with new media and mediums