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Myth or Truth: Carpets PROMOTE Allergies!

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2013 17:14 +08

Myth: Carpets PROMOTE Allergies!


1. Carpets TRAP dust and allergens in its fibers as compared to smooth-surface flooring which do not.

2.  Results in FEWER dust particles in the air!

3.  Regular vacuuming can REMOVE trapped allergens from the carpets.

Carpet from:

(A) Brink & Campman,Fusion Paris,Goodrich:

(B) Brink & Campman, Himali Marrakesh,Goodrich:

(C) Brink & Campman,Rocks,Goodrich:

(D) Brink & Campman, Xian Comic, Goodrich:

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