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New Collection Release: Fabric from Good Mood Collection, Aldeco, Goodrich

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2013 15:26 +08

In Aldeco’s new 2013 collection, Good Mood, creativity is reinterpreted using expressive freedom in 6 different environments:

Urban, Local, Traditional (in the lands of Alentejo, Portugal), Classic Baroque Romantic and "age looking" environments.

A rise in the arts ensures an approach to a cool spirit and features plenty of attitude in unstable mixtures without any rules.

The Good Moods collection draws its inspirations from various scenarios - pop art, the essence and natural simplicity of a region, casual & chic trends, the Romantic Baroque era ad many more.

The idea of style was to unite in a single collection, different sources of inspiration to obtain one original collection. With this in mind, 5 collections depicting various styles were introduced. They include

Cool Alentejo 

The inspiration to create this collection  emerged from Alentejo. We aimed to capture all of the essence and natural simplicity of the region. Alentejo is an extensive area in the south of Portugal, where you can experience passionate strolls and contemplate uni-maginable scenario. Tremendously hot in the summer and sharp cold in the winter, where different and strong shades of green, golden, yellow, red and blue arise.

COOL ALENTEJO expresses the beauty of the Alentejo coastline – costa Alente-jana – the sea’s blue and green color. Bright colors blend creating different styles:  Cool &Chic, In &Casual, Fresh & Colourful.

Cool Velvet

Pure Casual & Chic trends have been the main inspiration. With soft and irresistible touch, the velvet provides a dynamic in the combinations with the multiple stripes and chevron designs. It guarantees comfort, distinction plus drama and mystery both in masculine or lady like tone coordination: Tropical blue, tropical green, amethyst, ruby, poppy red, camel, black&white, rum, nagy and many more.


The inspiration came from the pop art artistic movements in the 50’s in the UK and USA, which in the social context is expressed as an artistic attitude adverse to the hermeticism of modern art.

Zoom In 280

In this book the focus is in delicate and texturized fabrics with more ethnical and geometric designs in 280cm to 330cm width


The inspiration for the designs on this book came from a strong Romantic Baroque trend. The intention was to develop an awakening of emotions, with bursts and reflections of light plus the bright impact of the wearing of surfaces/fabrics.

The fabrics are of an almost decadent beauty. It’s not a typical “red carpet” beauty and transmits the idea that beauty can last even imperfectly.

INFLUENCES explores the charm and sensuality of the Romantic Baroque style, making it unique. Beauty happens with no effort, with a connection to the past. The modern look is reflected on its private and most hidden facet. Sophistication, seduction and maximum desires and memories are expressed on details and compelling reliefs. The golden shade remains up to date and imposes itself as a safe choice. Brightness enchants and illuminates the walls.

(*Product available via Project Registration basis)

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