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News Release: Fabric from Marco Polo Collection, Casadeco, Goodrich

Press Release   •   May 28, 2014 16:22 +08

28th May 2014

CASADECO has created MARCO POLO, a collection inspired by authentic materials such as wood with visible structures and lush organics: an evocation of distant lands. A soft design, cultivating a relaxed, contemporary atmosphere with a touch of intensity.

The organic elements are generous ; exuberant threads are designed with embroidery.Embroidery stitches vary from one fabric to another, the viscose threads change direction and the light is reflected, creating natural movement.

The spiral is like a true, regular fingerprint: a simple but delicate motif. This is also worked in light embroidery. Here, the contrast between the matte cottony fabric and the brilliant viscose threads, along with the contrasting colours, gives the fabric a whimsical touch.

The stripe plays on a folksy touch, with brilliant multicoloured ottoman worked in a very subtle Ikat design… The stripe sets the tone with new colour combinations ! Purple,turquoise and aubergine ; ochre, grey and khaki ; red, aubergine and blue ; indigo blue with shades of brown and white on a background of natural-coloured cotton canvas.

The 2 jacquards with their small, random patterns inspired by organics and minerals are worked with 2 different approaches :

The first one plays on the brightness and intensity of the satin, combined with a single natural raw cotton thread, recreating a vibrant motif inspired by bark. The colours are dense and generous : red and indigo, with a fl ashy sheen ; deep violet; peaty khaki ; grey ;pure white and chic, timeless black.

The second jacquard is like a mineral formed over time; the linen contributes to this raw feeling, in harmony with Nature. The result is a refined decor, embodying the art of simplicity. It comes in warm, natural colour schemes: white, chocolate, grey-black and purple.

All variations of natural shades : bright white, warm grey, deep chocolate, creamy camel, intense black, illuminated by deep, vibrant colours. Decorate your home with the beauty that Marco Polo Fabric collection brings.

Fabrics from Marco Polo Collection are perfect for your home.

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