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News Release: Wallcovering from Fornasetti Collection, Cole & Son, Goodrich

Press release   •   Feb 10, 2014 14:41 +08

The Cole & Son, Fornasetti Collection consists of 13 designs selected from fine drawings in the archive of Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988).

These wallpapers incorporate elements from the Fornasetti archives used to make stunning large scale designs in a palette of useable colours ranging from reds and golds, to neutrals and blacks.

They include abstract shapes based on natural objects such as ‘Malachite’ and ‘Corallo’; buildings in the ‘Mediterranea’ design, and an array of botanically perfect florals, including the hydrangea design ‘Ortensia’ (shown), pansies, peonies and the forbidden fruit and monkeys in ‘Frutto Proibito’.

The designs in this superb collection include:

Ex Libris

Ex Libris by Fornasetti is a wallpaper which features a faux library of books arranged tidily on a number of shelves. This is one of the more unusual patterns but it is extremely popular – this striking design is perfect for creating a feature wall in a study or library.


Designed to resemble feathery branches of corals floating in a coloured sea. In charcoal with copper, silver, gold and black.


Exuberant flowers crisscrossed as a garland; Firoi was taken from a 1953 design, “Fiori nella Notte’.

Frutto Proibito

Echoing the Fornasetti humour and crafted from two archived designs – originally designed for a 1950′s Milanese patisserie, ‘Dulciora’, the mischievous monkeys hide in a pomegranate tree from a 1940s fabric. Available in 3 colourways.

Il Sole

One of Fornasetti’s favourite devices, the classicaly designed sun; Il Sole shows this emblem of the Mediterranean region as a face set in a halo of rays. Suns in black, silver and gold are displayed on backgrounds of copper, scarlet, taupe or black


From the semi-precious stone of the same name, Malachite features hypnotic ripples that have also been depicted by Fornasetti on furniture and even bicycles. Now available in black and white.


Mediterranea, from Cole & Son, was created by the iconic designer Paolo Fornasetti himself, back in the late 1940s, for the entrance hall of his own home in Milan. The wallpaper features an atmospheric cluster of buildings with repeating pattern, stimulating an optical, almost hypnotic effect. Of all of Fornasetti’s now world-famous designs, this is the only one meant specifically for walls, and this hugely popular pattern will enhance any room.


Intended as a design for a table and trays in the 1950s, Ortensia is delicately coloured and shadowed by similar sketch versions in the background.


A design taken from a 1950s tray, the flat flower faces of Pansee are shown proudly and elegantly in neutral, copper and silver.


Primarily adorning a 1940s silk scarf, the bouquets of Peonie are resplendent in copper, burgundy and lime.


An altogether Spring time design and with a detail taken from the motif ‘Grand Coromandel’.Primavera features voluptuous flowers, cross-pollinated by busy insects. In lime and silver.


A large scale design of 76cm high shadowy, skeletal leaves on a branch. In white and charcoal on dull gold.


Based on the famous 1955 painting of Baroque Rome by the iconic Italian painter and designer, Piero Fornasetti, Riflesso is more than just a wallpaper. This expansive pattern from Cole & Son, in sepia with touches of gold, will transform your walls into your own personal ‘Citta che si Rispecchia’. The right hand side is a mirror image of the left, with both reflected in the water, as seen through Fornasetti’s eye. Depicting classical Italian architecture, the incredible detail and great beauty of this exquisite design make this masterpiece come alive.

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