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Orient Classic Automatic Men’s Watch

Press Release   •   Jul 04, 2013 17:20 +08

Orient star watch
While the modern trend for the younger generation veers towards chunky, sophisticated Orient watches that look more at home in a spacecraft than on Earth, there is still a sizeable population of middle-aged and senior folks who love their watch to have classic looks at the top with an up-to-date engine under the hood. The Orient range of classic automatics for men fulfils that requirement and there's a wide range to choose from too.

Wide range of Orient classic automatic watch for Men

The current range of Orient classic automatic watches for men include models such as ER27008W, ER27006B, ER27007W, 96B104 and the WZ0091EL amongst others.

Orient Classic ER27008W Automatic Men's watch - Cool Numerals with date

Sold in the U.S.A as model FER27008W0, this is a stunningly beautiful watch with truly classical looks reminiscent of WWII design. The watch is round, with a mineral glass top that sits atop a white dial. The white dial has large numerals (1,2,3...) in black. There is also the date display located at the traditional 3 o'clock spot. The watch sports an analog mechanism (hour, minute and second hand).

The Orient Classic Watch ER27008W / FER27008W is a self-winding watch with 21 jewels making its functioning smooth and accurate. It is water resistant up to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet) and can therefore withstand the force of water falling from any standard household water tap. It can be worn while showering or in your bathtub. The watch case is 40mm (4 cm) across. This ensures you won't have to squint to read the time. The case is made from surgical grade stainless steel and is safe to wear against the skin (no fear of allergies). The self-winding mechanism ensures there is enough stored energy to last almost 2 days.

If you are the type who wears a watch even while at home, go ahead and select the Orient Classic Automatic CER1P001G watch for men - it is truly beautiful and built to last a life-time. The Orient Classic ER27008W automatic watch is also available in these variants:


                   Variant                                                              Model Number 
While dial with silver markers and hands   FER27007W0
Black dial with silver markers and hands   ER27006B
Black dial with copper coloured markers, hands and bezel   FER27002B0
Black dial with silver coloured markers, hands and grey bezel   FER27001B0

Orient star automatic Watch WZ0091EL self-winding men's watch

Imagine you were at a party in the 1930's with beautiful ladies and large dance floor with lively dance music. If you wanted to be noticed and make a mark with the gents and the ladies, then this is the watch you would wear. Cut to the 20th century and you would still choose this watch for its timeless beauty.

The first thing you notice with this watch is the very vivid blue dial matched by the silver coloured markers and hands. It has an air of sophistication to it provided in no small measure by the power indicator located just below the 12 o'clock marker. Also, unlike traditional watches, the Orient Star automatic self-winding classic watch has the date at the 9 o'clock location. The watch has a surgical grade stainless steel bezel and strap and has a 22 jewel movement. It has an exhibition back crystal on the back that shows off the watch movement. The Orient Star automatic self-winding watch is a beautiful watch to possess and wear.

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