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Orient Classic Automatic Watches for Men and Women

Press release   •   Aug 06, 2013 19:49 +08

Orient Classic AutomaticWhen it comes to tradition and classic, no one does it better than the Japanese. It is therefore no surprise that Orient classic style automatic watches for men and women are highly sought.

While modern day aseptic, similar looking chunky - hunky watches may make you look in time with the trend and technology, there is something unique and romantic about classic watch designs from the 60's through to the 80's - especially for those who grew up watching Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Maria Schneider, Jean Simmons and so on. Fashion and style were closely connected with these great movie personages. It is therefore no surprise that classic style watches are still a rage and when it comes to making them, there's none better than Orient of Japan.

While Orient has been taking a leaf out of classic designs of yesteryears, they have been combining the design with modern technology to Buy Orient classic automatic watch Men and women. Most automatics tend to cost a neat bundle. Orient bucks the trend. You do not have to be rich to own an Orient classic automatic watch. Considering Orient's adherence to quality, it is truly amazing how they manage to produce these classics at reasonable prices.

While Orient brand is a leader in manufacturing great watches with classic designs, it is also expert at incorporating modern twists on classic designs - and it does this without ruining the overall look and feel of the watch. Take the Orient Disk series for instance. Orient has six variants in the disk series - each offering something different, whether band material or colouring, these watches contain all the same essential features.

Speaking of twists, the Disk design features an hour disk with a triangular cut-out and as the hour disk rotates, the cut-out reveals a colour pattern that alters the colours or patterns as the day progresses. Each variant from the Disk series of the Buy Orient classic automatic watch Women has a different pattern.

The 'automatic' in the Orient classic automatic watch usually refers to automatic winding. This applies to the Disk series as well. The user has just to wear the watch and it will automatically wind itself up. Each full winding lasts it almost 4 days. Traditional styled control and functionality is still retained. For instance, the date is adjusted by pulling the crown out halfway and turning.

Unlike classics from the 60's, the Disk Orient Classic Automatic watch is fitted with a Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the case is water resistant up to 50 meters. A rough outing on the beach or mountain is not likely to harm this classic. The mechanical movement is all in-house. Orient of Japan makes its own watch parts. This also explains why their watches last a life-time.

So if you are looking for a perfect gift to a senior person, look no further than Orient Classic Automatic watches for men and women.

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