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OSIM Introduces the Only Massage Chair with an iPhone App of Its Own

Press Release   •   Aug 06, 2012 16:24 +08

Singapore, 6 August 2012 – Leveraging on the power of smart phones and mobile technology, OSIM International introduces the uDivine App massage chair, the 1st massage chair with an App and wireless connectivity to an Apple iPhone. 

Re-establishing the benchmark for massage chair innovation, the OSIM uDivine App offers a suite of professionally crafted Human-3D massage programmes, combined with the intelligence of and best-of-its-class mobile app technology. Produced after a year of collaboration with Apple, the uDivine App massage chair  marries the most advanced massage techniques with innovative mobile app technology.  The App is available for free download from the Apple App Store and works with the Apple iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®.

Once the App is installed, it is easily paired with the uDivine App massage chair via Bluetooth.  The massage programme selected in the chair will appear in the iPhone along with relevant healthcare information pertaining to the chosen massage programme.  Additional information on massage benefits and tips on the App helps the user to optimise the massage session at home. . 

“It’s like having a personal massage advisor at your fingertips, 24/7,” says Ms Lynn Tan, Assistant General Manager, OSIM Singapore.

Through smart phone and mobile technology, the uDivine App transforms a massage into a multi-sensory experience.  Connecting the OSIM uDivine App to an Apple device will allow one to have a massage and at the same time, enjoy other content and services available on the mobile device.

Massage, Surf and Play

The uDivine App massage chair offers invigorating massage programmes designed for a multi-sensory full-body massage experience with one’s favourite online, audio and visual entertainment. The user can surf the web, listen to songs, play a game or watch a movie with ‘surround sound’ from the built-in speakers in the uDivine App massage chair.

Exclusive OSIM ambient music to accompany massage

The App will read the selected massage programme and automatically select from three types of ambient music (to relax, balance or energise) for a more holistic mind and body relaxation session. Alternatively, music can be selected from one’s personal music playlist.

Personal massage advisor

Enjoy a well-informed massage, with health care information on different massage programmes, and tips on getting the best massage to suit one’s needs. The App also provides benefits and tips on how to optimise one’s massage experience on the uDivine App massage chair.

Information on complementary massage products

Broaden massage experience and well-being benefits of the uDivine App massage chair, with other complementary products from OSIM.

The uDivine App massage chair features 13 professionally crafted massage programmes by Japanese chiropractic massage expert, Sato Tsuyoshi.  It features the patented Human-3D massage which is the most advanced and sophisticated technology ever created in a massage chair. It combines the best of all massage chair techniques to create a massage highly responsive to the body’s contours and stress points.

OSIM uDivine App relieves tension on the neck and shoulders, resembling the movements of a personal masseur, while the rhythmic massage airbags revitalise the entire length of arms to fingertips. The chair also massages thighs, hips and buttock to stimulate circulation, especially good for the desk-bound, while aching legs can benefit from the wrap-around power squeeze vibration massage and roller reflexology.

The uDivine App offers two new unique massage programmes:

  • Air Bed - The Air-bed programme provides a full-body massage, using only the power of air massage technology. One will experience a deeply relaxing and satisfying massage, which can be enhanced with the exclusive OSIM ambient music or one’s favourite choice of music from an Apple device.
  • Lumbar Care – A popular massage programme targeting the common problem of lower back stiffness. Focusing on the lower back to the pelvic area, this massage programme soothes lower back stiffness and tension, helping to strengthen these weak areas.

Other programmes include:

(A) Daily basic massage programmes which calm and soothe common pain points in minutes

  • ‘Quick’ – Efficient, five-minute full-body massage for instant relief and recovery.
  • ‘Neck & Shoulders’ – Quick relief from aches and tension on the neck and shoulders.

(B) Therapeutic relief, with precise and soothing solutions for specific needs

  • ‘Relax’ – Soothes overall physical tension to relax tight muscles.
  • ‘Energise’ – Intense 3D massage to stimulates and invigorates the body & mind.
  • ‘Deep Tissue’ - Intense-pressure massage to relieve body tension & knots.

(C) Lifestyle essentials to restore balance and well-being through the day

  • ‘Morning’ – Invigorates the body and mind for a healthy and productive day.
  • ‘Night’ – Unwinds the body and mind for a restful good night’s sleep.
  • ‘Anti-stress’ – Relaxes the body and mind for better daily well-being.

(D) Specific programmes which satisfy different age groups 

  • ‘Senior’ – Provides gentle relaxation and helps improve circulation for well-being.
  • ‘Junior’ - Relaxes one’s mind and body for improved overall mental alertness.
  • ‘Stretch’ – Relaxes muscles and improves one’s range of motion for flexibility.

The OSIM uDivine App massage chair is available in two colours: Sand Beige and Mocha Brown. It has a retractable leg massage unit, for compactness.

OSIM uDivine App massage chair retails at special price S$5588 (U.P$6088). It is available at all OSIM outlets, road shows and online at Trade in any OSIM massage chair for the uDivine App at $1388 off RRP$6088 or non-OSIM massage chair at $888 off RRP$6088. Terms & conditions apply.

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