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Pacific Conferences addresses the impact of internal audit’s expanded scope and how to cope

Press Release   •   Dec 30, 2013 14:43 +08

The complexity and unpredictability in the business landscape has placed increasing pressure on internal audit to improve the internal control environment not only by sieving out inefficient processes but also to give strategic advice on ways to improve business practices for desired results. 

Singapore, [Dec 30, 2013] – Globalisation and technological advancements may have presented organisations with novel business opportunities, but they have also created new risks while amplifying existing ones. Coupled with fraud and corruption scandals as well as economic fluctuations around the world, greater scrutiny is now placed on the internal audit function to assess and comment on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls on a strategic level.

In the words of Mr. Dennis Lee, Director at RSM Ethos Pte Ltd, “The internal audit requirements and the expectations of internal auditors are continually rising. Boards look to expect internal audit and compliance to play a more active role. Shareholders alike associate good governance and strong enterprise values with a robust corporate governance framework that is backed by a proper assurance mechanism, of which internal audit forms an integral part. The bar has certainly been raised on internal audit.”

In turn, internal audit professionals have to be armed with new knowledge, skills and tools to manage the increasingly complex combination of governance, risk management and compliance to provide sound advice in ensuring continued organisational transparency and investor confidence in today’s highly-volatile business environment.

To equip practitioners with fresh insights and actionable strategies to untangle the convoluted web of GRC and achieve effective internal control systems, Pacific Conferences has organised a 2-day conference dubbed as Governance, Risk & Compliance for Internal Audit 2014, happening from 13 – 14 January 2014 in Sheraton Towers, Singapore and 16 – 17 January 2014 in Regal Hongkong Hotel. Case-studies and insights on GRC, social media risk management, I.T. & cyber security risk management, fraud detection and investigation, data analytics, continuous auditing, latest regulations, updates and more, geared towards fulfilling expanded roles and meeting heightened expectations of the internal audit function, will be shared.

The roster of experts include Lorraine Chan from AIG Inc., Thiru Sethuraman from Cummins Inc., Matthew Dredge from FWD Group, Bond Chui from SIRVA, Tan Suan Ee from Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, Fiona Wong from Fossil Group, Diana Dai from Alibaba Group, Gordon Song from Tiger Airways, Hannes Valtonen from Pacific Alliance Group, Matthew Lumsden from Vanguard Group and many others.

Conference Details:

Title: Governance, Risk & Compliance for Internal Audit 2014

Date & Venue:

13 – 14 January 2014, Sheraton Towers, Singapore

16 – 17 January 2014, Regal Hongkong Hotel, Hong Kong

Organiser: Pacific Conferences

Contact Person: Charmaine Neo

Tel: (65) 6592 7352


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