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PRESS RELEASE – Be Wild & Adventurous!

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 14:39 +08

Animal and feather prints and accents are in vogue once again, from runway fashion to home interiors. Be adventurous and go wild by adding some pizzazz to your living spaces.

Starting off    If you are unsure about how to start incorporating print or accents in your home, start slow with a single type of pattern. Bear in mind not to use the chosen pattern more than three times in your room. The key to looking elegant is to use them in moderation.  Prints could be designs on carpet rugs, cushions covers or draperies.

Focal point    Create a visually stunning focal point in your home and add a dose of exotic chic with animal print and feather printed accent wallcoverings.  Determine a feature wall in your home or office.  After which, select your favourite prints and colours to make that bold statement.  These print will definitely add dimension and texture to your walls ! 

Fun & Style  Inject some fun and style to your living spaces, place an animal accent chair or animal print rug as a feature piece in your room.  Accessorize your room with cushions or pillows in abstract animal prints.  Complement the animal theme with wood flooring to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Animal and featured prints and accents are compatible with a variety of styles and themes. They are extremely versatile and can be used with any colour scheme, especially neutral colours such as white, black or cream.

So be wild and explore adding some animal prints and accents to your living space!


Wallcoverings from  Contemporary Restyled collection, Cole & Son, Goodrich

The Contemporary Restyled collection by Cole & Son is a selection of popular designs from the brand’s extensive history with new colours, scales and reworked designs.

The collection embodies the glamorous 50s and 60s in which they were originally created by adding different colours, changing the printing technique or enhancing with a new element, to create a more modern feel.

This period was often referred to as the Golden Age of Couture and the assemblage of flamingos, orchid blooms, palm fronds and bold geometrics in Contemporary Restyled still retains the essence of the era while remaining at the forefront of the relevant trends and styles of today.

To view our entire collection, please click :

Wallcovering from Quattro Collection, Weco, Goodrich

Quattro, a collection of digital prints that centers around Nature. Water drops, coffee beans, maple leaf are some of the popular patterns. Its unique design theme suits different design style.

A collection of decorative panels wallcovering, Quattro by Dutch company, Weco allows you to completely change the interior of your room with themes from nature, like classic wood saw cut, blood-red feathers of the phoenix, scales, marble, straw, planks, dragon, fossils, reed, cork, bamboo, robe, bubbles, stars, butterfly wings, peacock feathers, crystals, corals, feathers and so much more.

Printed on high-quality non-woven backing, they are as durable as they are beautiful and will suit any room that has a traditional or modern feel.

To view our entire collection, please click :

Fabric from Good Mood Collection, Aldeco, Goodrich

In Aldeco’s new 2013 collection, Good Mood, creativity is reinterpreted using expressive freedom in 6 different environments:

Urban, Local, Traditional (in the lands of Alentejo, Portugal), Classic Baroque Romantic and "age looking" environments.

A rise in the arts ensures an approach to a cool spirit and features plenty of attitude in unstable mixtures without any rules.

The Good Moods collection draws its inspirations from various scenarios - pop art, the essence and natural simplicity of a region, casual & chic trends, the Romantic Baroque era ad many more.

The idea of style was to unite in a single collection, different sources of inspiration to obtain one original collection. With this in mind, 5 collections depicting various styles were introduced. They include:

Cool Alentejo 

The inspiration to create this collection  emerged from Alentejo. We aimed to capture all of the essence and natural simplicity of the region. Alentejo is an extensive area in the south of Portugal, where you can experience passionate strolls and contemplate uni-maginable scenario. Tremendously hot in the summer and sharp cold in the winter, where different and strong shades of green, golden, yellow, red and blue arise.

COOL ALENTEJO expresses the beauty of the Alentejo coastline – costa Alente-jana – the sea’s blue and green color. Bright colors blend creating different styles:  Cool &Chic, In &Casual, Fresh & Colourful.

To view the collection, please click:

Cool Velvet

Pure Casual & Chic trends have been the main inspiration. With soft and irresistible touch, the velvet provides a dynamic in the combinations with the multiple stripes and chevron designs. It guarantees comfort, distinction plus drama and mystery both in masculine or lady like tone coordination: Tropical blue, tropical green, amethyst, ruby, poppy red, camel, black&white, rum, nagy and many more.

To view the collection, please click:


The inspiration came from the pop art artistic movements in the 50’s in the UK and USA, which in the social context is expressed as an artistic attitude adverse to the hermeticism of modern art.

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Zoom In 280

In this book the focus is in delicate and texturized fabrics with more ethnical and geometric designs in 280cm to 330cm width.

To view the collection, please click:


The inspiration for the designs on this book came from a strong Romantic Baroque trend. The intention was to develop an awakening of emotions, with bursts and reflec-tions of light plus the bright impact of the wearing of surfaces/fabrics.

The fabrics are of an almost decadent beauty. It’s not a typical “red carpet” beauty and transmits the idea that beauty can last even imperfectly. INFLUENCES explores the charm and sensuality of the Romantic Baroque style, making it unique. Beauty happens with no effort, with a connection to the past. The modern look is reflected on its private and most hidden facet. Sophistication, seduction and maximum desires and memories are expressed on details and compelling reliefs. The golden shade remains up to date and imposes itself as a safe choice. Brightness enchants and illuminates the walls.

To view the collection, please click:

Fabric from Archive II Collection, Morris & Co, Goodrich

Spring 2013 sees the launch of Archive II Prints and Wallpapers which encapsulate the unique style of William Morris in a collection of unmistakable Morris & Co. designs. Five fabrics and eight wallpapers blend faithful reproductions of original archive documents with new adaptations of William Morris’ tapestry and typography designs creating a collection that embodies the very essence of Morris & Co. whilst appealing to a 21st century audience.

All Morris & Co. prints and wallpapers are made in the UK. The highly skilled craftsmanship of all those involved in the design and production of Morris & Co. collections is seen in their meticulous care and scrupulous attention to detail.

Flooring from Engineered Timber Collection, Tarkett, Goodrich

The Engineered Timber Collection celebrates the charm and warmth of style and heritage with a range that mixes traditional with contemporary.

Using only wood from sustainable and renewable sources, the best modern techniques are added to the beauty of nature.

They are easy to install and designed for stability, strength and long-lasting resistance to stains and scratches.

And after years of use, these environmentally friendly floors can be removed and reused or recycled.

Timber Collection is available in:

All about Epoque

Epoque is a high-quality wood flooring. It’s pure lines and elegant material will add style and comfort to your home.

Matt or gloss, mini or maxi bevels, all those options will enable you to enhance the beauty of your home and furnishing. Quick to install and easy to remove, Epoque stands the test of time. It’s long-lasting and resistant Proteco lacquer is double hardened and one of the strongest on the market, resisting to micro-scratches as well as wear and tear.

Available in 3 different widths, and in a wide range of colours and modern designs.


Whether your style is traditional, classic or contemporary, a Salsa floor is never out of place.

From light shades to deep colours, European species to the dark tones of the tropics, Salsa offers an extraordinary variety of design possibilities and a choice of gloss, matt or oiled finish.

Hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratch resistant, over the years the appearance will develop a unique personality that reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, you can just resend your floor, up to 4-5 times! The Ultraloc and 2-Lock locking systems also make it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools


The Tango collection radiates classic elegance and charm with a variety of floors in a one-strip design.

In 13mm thick planks, a lengthwise mini-bevel adds extra distinction to the appearance to create a perfect setting for a stylish home.

Hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratch resistant, the appearance will patine over the years to develop a unique personality that reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, the solid wood wear layer can be re-sanded up to 2-3 times. The T-lock locking system also makes it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools.


Using all the colours and natural variations in the wood, Bravo has a lively rather than a classic charm that will bring dynamic warmth to any home.

With either Proteco Lacquer or Proteco Natura Lacquer, the three-strip design is available in a glossy or matt finish. This high quality floor is ideal for family life with a hardwearing, easy to maintain, and scratch resistant surface that will last for years on end. And if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look of your floor, the solid wood wear layer can be re-sanded up to 4-5 times. The Ultraloc locking system also makes it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools.


With a limited range of classic woods in a 3-strip design, Rumba puts a real wood floor within everyone’s reach.

The 13mm planks come in gloss or matt finish and are hardwearing, easy to clean, and scratch resistant. As an entirely natural product, the appearance will change over the years to develop a unique personality that reflects your life style. But if after a period of wear and tear you want to recover the original look, the solid wood wear layer can be re-sanded up to 2-3 times. The Ultraloc locking system also makes it very easy to install, remove and even reuse the floor without the need for complicated tools.


Viva is the affordable way to enjoy a real wood floor that offers an excellent range of design, but is also easy to handle and very robust.

A fine wood veneer gives the full effect of solid wood, while the high-density fibreboard middle layer provides extra strength.

All the 1-strip designs also have the added distinction of a discreet micro-bevel on all sides. Hardwearing, easy to clean and scratch resistant, Viva is also very easy to install because the planks are extra light and thinner than other products. As a result Viva can often be installed over another floor without the need to cut under doors or moulding.

To view our entire flooring collection please click:

Carpet from Estella Collection, Brink & Campman, Goodrich

Brink and Campman, based in the Netherlands, offers a fantastic collection of modern and contemporary designer rugs. Known for their high quality, they offer the perfect focal point to any living spaces.

Estella Rugs are designed by Brink and Campman and made to the highest standards by expert weavers in India with a 100% Pure New Wool. Wool is known as the most suitable material for weaving due to favourable characteristics. Wool is stain resistant, isolating and offers a unique strand structure.

Estella rugs are highly inspirational with stunning striking abstract designs and  vibrant colours. They are designed to provide luxurious comfort and to meet the demands of the modern home.

The Estella collection is offered in seventeen designs,


The exceptional quality of both construction and design reveal themselves in extraordinary area rugs are guaranteed to excite the senses.

To view the collection, please click:

Goodrich Global provides the perfect finishing touch to every interior.  It offers an extensive collection of interior wallcoverings, carpets, fabrics and floorings to create a completely personalized furnished ambience. Goodrich believes in ensuring that every dream design comes to life.  Above all else, Goodrich is driven by the vision that every living space is an expression of a unique cover story.

Goodrich boasts a strong presence in over 30 regional offices and galleries located in 8 countries including Singapore (Headquarters), China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Goodrich is well placed to meet all your interior furnishing needs, globally.

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