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Raffles Spa introduces certified sports therapy and personal training

Press Release   •   Aug 16, 2012 17:15 +08

Already acclaimed for offering customised treatments in a luxurious private sanctuary, Raffles Spa at Raffles Dubai is going one step further to offer specialist sports therapy services with Thomas Elisseou – the only practitioner in Dubai to hold a Level 1 qualification from The Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute of Toronto, Canada.

Thomas is an expert in his field with eleven years of experience and training under expert Dr Bahram Jam: as a registered massage therapist, a Canadian certified sports therapist and personal trainer, Thomas brings a wealth of expertise to Raffles Dubai.

Thomas originates from Canada and has previously worked in other parts of the world, including Bermuda, and on a range of projects, including ‘Cirque du Soleil’ tours in 2008 and 2011, where he was the specialist on hand for all of the artists and was also the private therapist to the star performers.

“We are delighted to welcome Thomas to Dubai.  He has already made a great impact on those he has treated or trained.” states Genevieve Ainsworth, Director of Raffles Spa. “As a person, he is interested in individuals’ story’s histories and background. He is intrigued to learn about others cultures and lives.  He is always looking for ways to make someone's day better in any way he can.”

Thomas will design individual programs for each of his clients depending on individual goals, fitness level, muscle mass, body fat and physical condition…


Sports Recovery Massage - 60 minutes / 90 minutes – AED 479/679
Perfect for reducing post workout tension and soreness: by loosening muscles and stretching out knots, recovery time is lowered.

Sports Muscle Maintenance Massage - 60 minutes / 90 minutes – AED 479/679
A deep tissue massage focusing on main areas of concern and restriction. Muscles will be assessed and worked on accordingly, depending on specific needs from a session.

Initial Consultation for Remedial Therapy - 30 minutes – AED 250
Prior to any serious treatment for muscles, injuries, chronic or acute pain a full postural assessment is carried out to diagnose and plan future care.

Remedial Massage Therapy* - 60 minutes / 90 minutes - 499/699
A must have for those with physical ailments, concerns for muscular skeletal conditions or physical performance, or those working out regularly with a higher fitness level and a higher demand for knowledge. *Initial consultation required prior to treatment

Sports Performance Massage* - 60 minutes / 90 minutes – AED 499/699
For those serious about fitness and who have previously received treatment:  specific techniques for Dynamic Tissue Release are used to aid muscle range, movement and increase muscle performance. *Initial consultation required prior to treatment.

Personal Training Sessions - 30 minutes / 60 minutes - 250/450
For those short of time but looking for a quick burst of energy, we recommend three 30 minute sessions per week with a personal trainer: combined with commitment and will power, visible changes will be noticeable.

For more help and guidance on health and wellbeing, we recommend starting with the 60 minute sessions to kick-start the achievement of fitness goals.

To book at Raffles Spa, please contact +971 4314 9869 or email spa.dubai@raffles.com

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