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Sandpiper AG announces its arrival in Asia by acqui-hiring GoGORILLA

Press Release   •   May 13, 2016 09:00 +08

Sandpiper AG is a digital payment conglomerate from Switzerland. They have invested in ten companies, serving more than five million end-users in verticals with high entry barriers (sports, events, campuses, corporations, retail, leisure, security and services).

With this move, Sandpiper Digital Payments enters the Asian market with a team that has a proven record in making payments hassle-free for venues, visitors, event organizers, and event attendees.

"Sandpiper’s core strategy focuses on the acquisition and integration of growth companies in the highly fragmented payment industry," says Alexander Schümperli, CEO of Sandpiper AG. "We chose GoGORILLA's team, technology and results to allow us to expand rapidly across APAC."

GoGORILLA has activated over 300,000 RFID wristbands and handled over 8.2 million units of cashless currency during events in 3 countries. The startup has worked on major events including Road To Ultra Singapore, Rainforest Music Festival Sarawak, Road to Ultra Bangkok, Singapore Jazz Festival, Singapore Yacht Show, Savour Gourmet Food Festival and more.

Sandpiper AG currently provides cashless solutions to 25 stadiums across Europe. The new Sandpiper Asia team is now able to expand their platform and service offerings with full support into venues and long-term installations such as theme parks and stadiums.

In addition, the platform will include Sandpiper's e-wallet, currently used in over 12,000 locations across the Netherlands, enabling users to carry their funds outside of the event and into F&B/Retail locations. This will enhance the opportunities for event organisers to work with their sponsors and communities on a larger scale pre and post event.

“The acquisition of GoGORILLA allows us to reach our true potential and scalability in providing bespoke solutions for the public in venues and events, and at the same time positioning Sandpiper Asia as a one-stop shop for digital payments,” said James Kane, Founder of GoGORILLA. “Together, we can get a foothold from which to further our development and capabilities in this region.”

Following the acquisition, James and his core team will remain to assist in Sandpiper Asia’s organic growth and will be key to its strategic direction in the Asia Pacific market.

Sandpiper Digital Payments AG is a global platform provider of closed loop digital payment, proximity marketing and loyalty on mobile. We provide mobile commerce solutions to financial institutions, sport- and event, publisher- and adnetworks, retailers and brands.

The Swiss based stock-listed technology holding focuses on the consolidation of the fragmented payment landscape in Europe by pursuing a "buy & build" strategy in the area of digital cashless payments and access control. The shares are listed on Berne Stock Exchange.

GoGORILLA provides RFID and NFC based technology solutions such as secured registrations, cashless payment transactions, ticket fulfilment and social media activations for concerts, branded events, conferences/seminars, product launches, road shows, private parties, theme parks, etc.

James Kane, Founder of GoGORILLA

James was working in the RFID industry for cards providers doing branding events, and felt the tech could be better utilized by introducing RFID wristbands and cashless into large events/concerts.As a veteran in the 'people' space (Hotel/F&B, sales/marketing, lifestyle/events), he founded GoGORILLA in 2012, and quickly gained traction with its innovative RFID solutions for large-scale events, concerts, sports, and shows.