Seeing another woman in same outfit is biggest fashion catastrophe

Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2011 11:49 +08

Survey by SHOPTHEMAG.COM reveals women’s top fashion fears: Having “nothing to wear” is bad; seeing another woman in same dress is worse.

Singapore, November 13, 2011 – It seems women all over the world have one thing in common – their number one fashion fear. A survey conducted by SHOPTHEMAG.COM among close to 500 women around the world revealed this: Women dread nothing more than turning up at work or a party and seeing another woman in the very same outfit.

According to director of SHOPTHEMAG.COM, Low Shu Ming, the difference lays in whether or not the women know each other. “It seems women don’t mind it too much if the other woman were a friend or colleague. They’d laugh off the coincidence. But if she were a stranger and looked better than you in the same dress, that would be considered top disaster.”

The other fashion fears listed in the survey were:

-       “Opening the closet and finding ‘nothing to wear’” (which came in a close second);

-       “Finding a stain on your outfit minutes before you intend to wear it”; and

-       “Ready to spend but finding nothing to buy”.

The survey was conducted by SHOPTHEMAG.COM ahead of the release of its festive collection in November 2011 to better understand the psyche and expectations of the global consumer.

Says Low, “We’ve taken these findings into consideration and with the Christmas collections, we have deliberately kept the stock of each style small and exclusive, so the chances of a woman being the only one at a party wearing her fabulous dress will be very high indeed!” is owned by Type A Projects Pte Ltd. The company is set up by individuals who are passionate about discovering great fashion brands and designs in Asia and, in turn, bringing these discoveries to the world. We are also hugely committed to quality and make every effort to ensure international standards of quality are adhered to at every step of the way - from curating manufacturing quality of our stock to monitoring the delivery standards of our goods. is the world’s first luxury retail website dedicated entirely to showcasing top fashion names in Asia. launched in February 2011 and features collections from an illustrious list of Asian designers. They range from the established (Manish Arora from India, alldressedup from Singapore, KhoonHooi from Malaysia) to the up-and-coming (The Only Son from Thailand, Jewel Rocks from Indonesia, Akira Naka from Japan).