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SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek and SEC Chairman Isabella Loh sign MOU for Project: Eco-Shop

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 14:13 +08

SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) and Singapore Environment Council (SEC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create Project: Eco-Shop, Singapore’s first comprehensive Eco-Certification programme for shop owners. 

Project: Eco-Shop is a certification programme aimed at guiding and encouraging shop owners to fit out their shops in an environmentally sustainable manner, as well as adopt eco-friendly habits in their daily operations. These include, for instance, turning off the electrical equipment when not in use, and using energy efficient lighting that will reduce both environmental and economic impact associated with excessive energy use. Shop owners who adhere to these guidelines will be able to benefit from the potential savings that may arise and at the same time, play their part to contribute to environmental sustainability.

Shop owners will be awarded the Eco-Shop Label upon successful completion of an audit that assesses the performance of their shops in the areas of Environmental Management & Awareness, Purchasing & Operations, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Waste Management and Water Conservation.

SMRT and SEC will debut the programme with all 32 tenants at Woodlands Xchange, which is due to launch in the second half of 2013. SMRT and SEC will guide these tenants to qualify for Eco-Shop Label certification in time for the launch of Woodlands Xchange.

“SMRT’s commitment to improving environmental consciousness dates back to the beginning of the company in 1987, and environmentally friendly practices are entrenched in our business operations today through the ‘SMRT is Green’ programme” said Desmond Kuek, President and CEO of SMRT Corporation Ltd. “Project: Eco-Shop is an extension of our commitment to environmental sustainability, and we are excited to take the lead in driving awareness among shop owners in Singapore. Our retail partners will have the opportunity to be the first to be certified as we are starting with the tenants at the upcoming Woodlands Xchange.

Consumers who are environmentally conscious are also likely to make discerning shopping choices based on their eco-friendly predispositions. Shops that are certified with the Eco-Shop Label will appeal to such consumers, and thereby gain a competitive advantage.”

SEC Chairman, Ms Isabella Loh said: “This milestone partnership with SMRT Corporation Ltd marks the first of a nationwide network of shop owners’ conscious greening efforts. The birth of Project: Eco-Shop embodies the Council’s push to inculcate eco-friendly habits among shop owners. Our aim is to help shop owners start small, in light of their need to delicately juggle business and the bottom line.

With the greening of offices, food-courts and schools tucked firmly under the SEC’s belt through our Eco-programmes and the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme, we are raring to take up the mantle in inducing shop owners to change their habits thus passing on green benefits to the consumers.”

In the second phase of the programme following the opening of Woodlands Xchange, all shop owners in Singapore will be invited to be Eco-Shop Label certified, with a target of 600 shop owners certified in three years.

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