SnapTV launches rich media as a business tool

Press Release   •   Oct 12, 2012 16:37 +08

(Oslo, Norway – October 2012) In order to evolve and accommodate the high standard the market demands, a natural step in the continuously product development within IPTV has been focusing on the use of rich media as a business tool. The result of our research and development is a fully managed storage & distribution platform to best serve locations with or without bandwidth restrictions.

SnapTV Infotainment Suite is a fleetwide rich media   management platform that enables your company to support crew entertainment   and broadcast corporate content to your deployments or office locations worldwide, off- and onshore.
The solution has been developed to provide an efficient distribution of multimedia content to locations with bandwidth restrictions. Scenarios include ships, rigs and remote locations such as mining camps, where a high-speed Internet access is not available or bandwidth is limited.

"We are confident that this is a useful tool for a large portion of our clients. Companies operating on a global scale will be able to communicate with, inform and educate thousands of employees in real-time, in addition to reduce costs related to logistics and administration" says Pål Hoff, CEO of SnapTV. "Our customers has been the most important component in this development, and we've worked hard to meet the high demands of this marked" Hoff continues.

Some of the benefits our users can take advantage of are the opportunity to manage the video library from anywhere, remote publishing from any site, cross publishing between sites - in addition to the efficiency of publishing information to sites, groups and individuals. Our solution supports multi-platform publishing (TV, tablets, smartphones & PC), and gives the administrator automatic confirmation of viewed content such as messages, training videos or any other content.
The SnapTV Infotainment Suite is ready for shipment; please contact SnapTV for full details.

  • SnapTV is an entrepreneurial  IPTV specialist company, majority owned by founders and employees, and backed by investment funds ProVenture Invest and NorInnova Invest
  • SnapTV is a professional partner for ICT System Integrators, delivering high quality IPTV systems for maritime, health-care, hospitality, offices, compounds, ISPs and other small to medium sized IP networks
  • SnapTV’s simultaneously broad and deep know-how in the area of digital TV, streaming, network technologies and IT systems makes it possible to join the two worlds: Broadband and Broadcast
  • Since 2005, SnapTV has deployed complete IPTV systems to demanding customers world-wide.
  • SnapTV has its head office in Tromsø, Norway with Sales offices in Oslo, Norway and London, UK