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Stroke Of Art- Uncover the beauty of Oriental Hand Painted Wallcoverings from Goodrich Global

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2012 18:00 +08

Chinese paintings, one of the oldest artistic traditions in the world, reflect Oriental culture and heritage in all its exquisite beauty. With themes of rich blossoms, lush leaves and hovering songbirds, these great brushworks of art blend harmony and clarity, evoking subtle emotions with the simplest of strokes.

Goodrich Global takes advantage of the serene meditative benefits of these meticulous and freehand Chinese techniques and presents to the world the first hand painted art on modern wallcoverings.

Elegantly stylish with gentle hues and graceful lines, these Oriental inspired walcoverings produce enchanting murals to mystify the art lovers. Magically infusing elements of creative spirit and artistry, this collection of wallcoverings with its intricate designs and breathtaking backdrops will no doubt completely transform a room's ambiance.

Showcasing Goodrich Global's hand painted series, the Flora's Secret range captivates alluring charm and subtle appeal that embodies loyalty, purity and innocence, making it a masterpiece of nature's poetry that's ready to adorn any home of distinction.

Beautifully and aptly named, the Prosperous Longevity wallcovering in this series brings forth the radiantly exuberant beauty of peonies, which are renowned for their prosperous connotation, and pairs them up with th elegant and melodic paradise flycatchers to celebrate lifelong wealth and longevity.

Ineed a beauty that is understated, and rightfully named thus, the Understated Beauty series in the same range breathes life into spring with the modest grace of camellia blossoms and lustrous green leaves, creating a mesmerising visionary feast all year long.

To complement the Flora's Secret collection, Goodrich Global again incorporated every masterful stroke of the brush and every vivid dap of colour lovingly applied by hand into another magnificent collection, the Imperial Peony.

Fragrant and exquisitely large blossoms of peonies are symbolically used in Chinese art for they represent wealth and honour. Providing an air of nostalgia and grandeur, the Imperial Peony collection combines the zest of peonies with pretty fitting songbirds, bringing to life a season of serenity and fortune for the year to come.


Featured by HomePride Magazine in Malaysia- Volume 6- 2011

Photo by Goodrich, Handpainted, Flora's Secrects, Prosperous Longevity.


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